Army officers qualities 

We all love army officers. These extremely gorgeous macho men wrapped up handsomely in their crease free uniforms walking perfectly straight in their combat boots are some show. But have you ever thought about the exquisite qualities of an Army Officer that make him so charming? There must be some very unique and exceptional qualities other than their combat skills which categorize army officers into a different league. Discipline,integrity and honor  we know it all but now is the time to know the other side of army officers. The traits of an army officer which make him so desirable.

Every girl want them,every boy wanna be them. Indian Army officers a league apart !

Playing Stalwart

Almost all the army officers across the globe no matter which caste,creed or nation love to play. And by-play means just not cricket or football but it’s tennis,squash, polo,golf,basketball,handball,sailing,horse riding, archery and every other sport that ever existed on planet.

“It’s just not sports babe! But a routine!”army-officers-qualities

Chivalrous Gentlemen

Oh! Army Officers and chivalry go hand in hand. It’s like they just can’t do without it. The wildest of officers would behave their bests with a lady.

“Good Evening Ma’am! What would you like to have?” 


Josh is their drug. They are always high on it.Vigor,Josh, Zest and exhilaration are their favorite words. Hell yeah! Bring it on! Hooraaahh!

“Josh aur junun me jyada fark nahi hota “

 Party Hoppers

Party is just not party but a way of life for them. Sparkling wines, lip smacking snacks, lovely music in the background and every cuisine from desi to mexican sound good to you? Well they have been groomed and raised in this culture over years.

“Dj wale babu mera gana baja de”

traits of an army officer Aviator Addicts

Gucci ,Prada, Vogue look like a penny before their thousand bucks Ray Ban aviators. And they owe this fierce loyalty to aviators in return. Did you get it? They just don’t wear anything else except aviator.Never!

“Come on, you know we are not allowed any other shades, besides Ray Ban looks good too.”

army officer qualitiesAdventure Junkie

They can’t settle at just one place. They need some Josh lingering around ..all the time. So girls if you would have ever wished your life to be an ultimate adventure marry an Army Officer. You can never settle back in life again.It’ll be fun.

You find para sailing scary? Really? I have a certificate in extreme sport. Sigh!”

Fitness freak

You talk about one army officer who is not a fitness freak. I mean gymming and swimming are their cult.Running is their another favourite. They can’t live with the fact that their jeans don’t fit them any more. It’s unforgivable.

“BPT 20KM straight today!” 

attributes of an army officerSocial Magnets

Mall,movie halls, railway station, bus stand you take them anywhere with you and everyone will know you are roaming around with an army officer. And if you are some super clingy girlfriend or wife then take an advice don’t ever take them to friends or family gatherings they will be the undisputed center of attraction.

“Sorry Babes! I did not realise your friend was hitting on me.”

Euphoric nerds

Unlike the popular perception they are nerds! They keep on studying throughout their lives. But courses are fun. Studies are just not books but also gun, metal,boot and jungle too.

“And people think I joined army to leave studies. Hah!”

traits-of-an-army-officerBorn Leaders

They don’t talk much but when they do you gotta listen to that. The poise,grace and tone of the talk makes it already appealing that you lose half your grounds at the first rounds only. And so do you understand why it’s a cakewalk for them to win your heart?

“Okay, I am willing to stop arguing just to make you feel better, but you know I have a point.”


It’s infectious. It’s poison and it will touch you too. They believe in the best. No less! Afterall life is to live once and for them it’s today.

“We live by chance and love by choice.”

qualities of army officers


Killer smile, arrogant style, fierce psyche, magnetic persona! Oh man they gotta swag! Do I need say more?

“Swag is my second name.I invented it.”

 Responsible Exuberance

They are very very responsible. If they take a task they will do it with utmost sincerity. It’s like it will be done perfectly and you would wonder how you managed your life before!

‘ek baar jo maine commitment kar di fir to mai apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta’

Obsessive Organizer

They are extremely organised. They room will be spick and span, their clothes would be neatly kept in the cupboard and floor shining. Their books will be in the book rack to name a few. It’s like they have this serious organisation disorder which they seem to imbibe during ragda and rolling days of academy.

“I can’t breathe in a messy house. It has to be glossy. Order and out!”

 Ultimate Warriors

What feeling would be better than knowing the fact that love of your life is also the protector of your nation and he already has love and respect of millions. He’s a real hero.Such a pride!

“Jai Hind”

attributes of army officer

And special mention to the face that nobody can take you to the ball the way they do.

So girls hope you just decoded that why are army officers such a great catch. Your life will never be same once you hook up with them. Army Girlfriend or  Army wife the life would always be a roller coaster ride because Army Love  is one of a kind of love which will make you on top of the world,fill you with happiness but at the same time make you independent,fierce and lonesome as he will hardly be around. The tom boy in you will soon turn to an elegant lady and you won’t even realize the transition. But then isn’t it all worth it? Tell me? What do you think?

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