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CBSE Board Results do not define your life

CBSE Board Results are out and as usual people make hype out of it without realising that high percentage of marks or low percentage of marks both does not matter in longer course of time neither do they define success. The defining factors for the success of a growing up teen would be his or her character,confidence and determination. So cheer up to these lovely quotes


Do there exist protocols for married women?

WOmen are no commodity.Marriages are no hell and to live in a society where gender neutrality is a way of life should be the basic right of a woman. A post which talks about it all and seek answers on behalf of married women to some uncomfortable questions that exist in Indian society.


Play safe

Everything you need to know about your sexual wellness for a happy and healthy life free of any risk. Play safe to lead a guilt free long life. Sexual diseases are reality!

Bengaluru Mass Molestation horror story

Everything You needed to know about Bengaluru mass molestation Horror where women were being groped and molested on new year's eve and running with their stilettos in hands. The entire country is enraged and raise some serious questions about us as a society.

Life mantras to live a happy life

The life mantras to a happy life and leading our lives in a better way. The root cause of our problems which hinders us from achieving our goals is discussed in detail here.

Inter religion Marriage: with a happy ending!

We all talk of secularity and modernity in India but our's a country of custom,tradition and culture where we like to stick to our traditions as traditionally as they were commenced during the Mughals era or Ramayana period or even the origin of this planet. Technically and logically it sounds weird that an entire race … Continue reading Inter religion Marriage: with a happy ending!