Facts about India that you had no idea about

 India is a very diverse country and we have a history dating five millennia back. No matter how much we know about it there would always be something about this country which will amaze you. So folks here is a guest post by  Manik M. Jolly who is a decorated veteran and his post is truly amazing and will make you feel so proud at the end of this article.

2. Bhakra Nangal Dam – About 95.2 million cubic meters of earth was excavated for constructing the canals of this project. This amount of soil is enough to construct a6 meter wide and 1 meter high elevation road from New Delhi to New York.

3. It is Indian King Kanishka who took Buddhism to China in middle of 2nd century CE, when he entered Tarim Basin (NorthWest China).


4. Bhut Jolokia from North East states in India is world’s hottest Chilli. To give a comparison, Jalapeno Pepper scores 2,500–8,000 on Scoville’s scale (Used to measure Hotness in chillies). Bhut Jolokia score is 855,000–1,041,427 !Edit : Some people have seen studies where this particular Chilli is not the hottest in world. Let’s say there are reports to support both sides, so you can choose to believe or not.

5. Mahabharata longest poem ever written and longest version of it contains over 200200,000 Verses.

6. The Shimla-Kalka Toy train (now a UNESCO World Heritage Site) has 102 operational tunnels but started with 107 tunnels. The longest tunnel is at Barog. Engineer Colonel Barog dug the tunnel from both ends and could not align them and was symbolically fined One rupee. He couldn’t live with the shame and committed suicide inside the incomplete tunnel.

7.  India now has THREE Research stations at Antarctica. The last one, Bharathi came was established in 2012.

Edit : Station Dakshin Gangotri (set up in 1983) has been abandoned. Thanks for suggestion Nitin Chauhan)

8. Brahmos is the world’s fastest anti-ship cruise missile in operation. The missile travels at speeds of Mach 2.8 to 3.0.

9. India has the largest Diaspora population in the world. 16 Million !! Followed by Russia and Mexico.

10. India – Pakistan boundary is called Radcliffe line and India – China Boundary is called MacMahon Line.

11. India’s first lady Doctor, Anandi Bai Joshi, and supposedly the first Hindu woman to set foot on US soil and then get a Medical degree, died at young age of 21 years after reaching back to India in 1887. British and Indians mourned her tragic death and sh continues to inspire everyone who has read her life story.

12. CV Raman, won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1930 and became the first Asian and first non-White to receive any Nobel Prize in the sciences.  His nephew, S Chandrasekhar, won the Noble prize in 1983. What a family !!

13. Shyam Saran Negi , India’s first and Oldest Voter ! In 1951, he cast the first vote in Independent India’s first General Elections. He is from Himachal Pradesh, hence people in HP got the chance to vote 5 months before the General Elections that actually happened in 1952. He has voted in every election since then and in 2010, then-chief election commissioner Navin Chawla visited Negi’s village to honour him as part of the Election Commission’s diamond jubilee celebrations. In May 2014, 97-year old Shyam Saran Negi reached the polling booth at 6.55 AM accompanied by his wife Hira Mani (92) !

That’s all for now ! India being India, there is no dearth of such trivia. Happy reading !



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