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Jabalpur: an incredible part of Madhya Pradesh!

I have already told you about Kanha National Park Madhya Pradesh India and  Dhuandhar Waterfalls jabalpur and now this one is about rest in the series of my recent Jabalpur trip which forms the core of the experience that Madhya Pradesh tourism has to offer to you. Jabalpur is famous for being the cultural capital of the Madhya Pradesh which is situated at the banks of Narmada river which is quite famous for its marble rock formations at this region. Jabalpur has so many things to offer to a tourist be it the taste of picturesque beauty of its waterfalls, the soul touching experiences of its jungles, national parks, nature reserves, the touch of local tribes or the unique shopping experience. Also one of the unique thing about Jabalpur is that Khamaria ordnance factory there supplies arsenals to our troops. Everything is worth experiencing and enriching. The heart of incredible India Madhya Pradesh tourism is incomplete if you don’t visit Jabalpur. So here I share the Jabalpur through my eyes.

Jabalpur Airport

I have already told you about how to reach Jabalpur in my previous posts. It has a small domestic airport where Indian airlines and Spicejet flights regularly fly to connect it to few other major cities. The flight to Jabalpur from New Delhi takes around 1.5 hr and do check out this link for rest of the details.

How to reach Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh

MP Tourism official website

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Do you remember the raunchy Kareena Kapoor swirling and swinging to the sexy number ‘Raat ka Nasha’ from movie Ashoka? Well it was shot here on the Marble rock formations of Bhedaghat. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and a very precious gem in mother nature’s earth. The boating,the trekking on the rocks or reaching at the banks of narmada river or just watching the soaring Marble rocks in glittering splendour  which rise to around 100 feet on either side of Narmada river and admiring the sunlight soaked marble pinnacles which cast a dappling shadow to the water at Bhedaghat is a very thrilling experience. Bhedaghat is a village and nagar panchayat of jabalpur city which is approximately 23 km away from the jabalpur town.

There are three tourist attractions in this area to be visited by a tourist first is Bhedaghat itself then Chausat Yogini Mandir and then the Dhuandhar falls. All three spots can be easily cover within 4-5 hrs if you don’t plan to stay at one of the resorts in Bhedaghat. But I will suggest you to stay at ‘Motel Marble rocks’ which is the initiative of MP tourism department overnight and experience the grandeur that Bhedaghat has to offer to you while enjoying the hospitality offered by the hotel staff and then move ahead with your plans.

The pyaz pakoras along with sandwiches and steaming filter coffee at the backyard of the hotel that I had while admiring the calm waters, marble pinnacles and the splendid beauty of the jungle around is still fresh in my mind. Enjoy the pictures I clicked that time.

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Chausat Yogini Temple

It is at a distance of 2 minutes from the hotel and a must have experience.Though the never ending 150 plus stairs to the hilltop discourages you at first if you are not a fitness freak and it gets really tough to decide that whether to visit it immediately after Bhedaghat or after visiting The Dhuandhar Fall but once you reach the top the view,the ambience, the architectural marvel, the history,the mystery and everything else that this ancient temple has to offer to you would overwhelm you and you will thank yourself that you visited it.

The legend

It says that Bhagwan Shiv and Devi Parvati stayed at this place just after their wedding which was then a gurukul of ‘Bhrigu Rishi’ and so after they were gone Bhrigu Rishi constructed this temple in their honour as the abode of Devi Durga and their 64 yoginis or attendees. Though it is said to be constructed by the Kalachuri dynasty at 10th century.

The structure

It is said to be 1200 year old and included in one of the oldest heritage site of India. it is made up of granite stone and complex of the temple is divided into the main temple at the centre and the idols of sixty four yoginis of Devi Durga in circular motion which surround the main temple. The idols of Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati on the sacred bull Nandi aids to the entire divinity and ancientism. The rest of the idols of yoginis are exquisitely carved but many of the idols are damaged too. The temple had been severely damaged by the Mughal rulers but somehow I found it aiding to the entire mystery of the temple though it ‘s really sad to see such timeless marvels of history damaged.

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Dhuandhar Waterfalls

I have already dedicated two entire post to these lovely falls and here are the links.

Dhuandhar Waterfalls Jabalpur

Marble Shopping at Dhuandhar waterfall

Narmada Aarti

I will urge you to witness ‘Narmada aarti’ which is very much similar like ‘Ganga aarti’ at varanasi. There was quite a lot of gathering when I attended it. Watching the hindu priests worshipping the river, lighting the diya lately and everything else about this aarti makes you feel very spiritual. Even if you are an atheist and not much into spirituality then too I found it totally justified to worship the river narmada which provides Jabalpur and Madhya Pradesh an identity. I don’t think Jabalpur would have been same if the river would have decided to set its path through another course. We should all be very much thankful to this great grand lovely river.

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There are other famous tourist spots like Bargi Dam and Dumna Nature Reserve which are just inside the city. You can easily go there and spend a relaxed day out their with your friends and family. the next part in this MP Tourism is going to showcase the shopping delights and artifacts of madhya Pradesh. Hope you enjoyed the post and it proves t be useful if you are planning to visit to go an animal safari or explore Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh.

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