A Flying Jatt: The common people superhero premiering on TV

‘Beat Pe booty… Beat pe booty!’ Oh my God can’t stop foot tapping and shaking my own booty at this super awesome number and can’t get over how Jacqueline Fernandez swings with Tiger Shroff on ‘Beat pe booty’! Phew! And what if I tell you now that you can totally shake your booty at the comforts of your couches and cushions before your TV in full swing  too? Yes you can totally do it on 22nd October at 8 PM as Zee TV brings you the world television premiere of Flying Jatt that day. So make sure to finish your household chores and everything else before 8PM on 22nd October, gather your favourite munchies and popcorns and bump straight onto your couch to experience the sheer entertainment that Flying Jatt has to offer to you. And still you are not convinced and need more reasons then here are these.

The Plot

The plot is very quirky with a strong message and interesting casts but very much fun at the same time with a very relatable young superhero ‘Flying Jatt’ played by Tiger shroff who discovers his superpower in an accident and uses it much reluctantly before the evil industrialists Mr Malhotra played by Kay Kay who owns deadly assassin Raka played by legendary WWE wrestler Nathan Jones. Mr. Malhotra who thrives on pollution and need it to grow more power is hell bent on cutting the trees including the holy tree which happens to be on the lands of Mrs Dhillon who is super tough mom of flying Jatt in the holy city of Amritsar. She stands before the villains and encourages his son to believe in his inner power more than the muscles and eliminate the evil. The Jacqueline Fernandez plays the lady love of the superhero. And now I won’t be the spoiler and let you wonder what happens when the boy next door ‘Aman’ becomes a superhero accidently and stands before the bad asses who are hell bent to destroy his city.


  • Director : Remo D’Souza
  • Producers: Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor
  • Starring : Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez, Kay Kay menon, Nathan Jones
  • Cameo : Shraddha kapoor

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Some other interesting Facts

You Can’t Stop Laughing

So a superhero who is scared of heights! Have you ever heard of it before? Then he has to fly all over to sabji mandi to buy ‘lauki’, behaves Sunny Leone unknowingly and many other fun moments which won’t let you stop giggling and laughing out loud even for a second.

The superhero’s supermom

Unlike rest of the superheroes whose original mum and dad have died in an accident this Flying Jat has  her own supermom who keeps reminding him of his duties. And so whenever her mom leashes her son to the right path and deliver wisdom with slaps and glaring eyes to have some ‘jigra not just the dole shole’ then it turns out super refreshing and sweet at the same time.

The Babe who loves the superhero

Well jackline looks just like a doll who shakes her booty perfectly on beat pe booty. She plays a school teacher who loves this superhero and the superhero goes tongue tied before the super babe adds so much zing to the party and fill romance into the air.

This superhero has a history

The Flying Jatt aka Aman’s dad was the first sikh  to train at the Shaolin school of martial arts and the banter between him, his little brother and fireball momsified Mrs Dhillon who is determined on turning his son to a superhero and keep up the legacy of his father is so much fun.

This Superhero can dance

So superman beware of this superhero who don’t just show some legendary martial moves but can also twist and bend his body in perfect sync like no other.

The Youngest superhero

It’s super cute to see a mumbling and fumbling young lad turn to a fierce fighter and save the lands. He’s cute, chweeet and too young who adorns his mom stitched superhero costume, scared of his mother and shy before his lady love. Everything that a boy his age has to go through super normally yet he has so much of power to change the world. Isn’t it some kind of unique plot?

The Villains are super awesome

Yes, not just the hero of this movie but the villains are super awesome too. Now who doesn’t know Nathan Jones and his deadly blows at WWE ring? And how cool it is to watch him laugh viciously along with evil industrialist Mr. malhotra (Kay Kay) trying to destroy the city.

This movie has a message

This movie delivers a strong message just not entertainment to us about pollution which is the biggest threat to mother earth. And the whole movie is about a young boy who discovers his powers and realizes his moral duties to save the city from evil who thrive on pollution and keep it pollution free and sustaining. So I repeat what it says ‘everything has an alternative, Except Mother earth!’

It’s a 100% family movie

Needless to say that you can totally call your mom,dad,chotu,chintu, dadi, uncle and watch this movie together and laugh some more,relate some more, pat each other some more and strengthen those family bonds some more. All the while watching your mom smiling over her secret thoughts of believing in your superpowers too.

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Now this humble and grounded superhero is coming to meet you at your home on 22nd october 2016 at 8 PM on ZEE Cinema. So don’t forget to tell everyone else especially the kids around and gear up totally to watch the world television premiere that day.


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