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7 Pandemic safe ideas for New Year party celebrations 2021

No one will miss 2020 when it’s gone—and hopefully, the new year will be bringing brighter days ahead. So this year’s New Year’s Eve parties would be absolutely epic, if there wasn’t a pandemic raging. (Even the most motivating New Year quotes won’t guard you against virus exposure if you don’t play it safe on December 31.)Traditional New Year’s Eve celebrations can be a prime breeding ground for COVID-19 for a few reasons. The most pressing concern, given that COVID-19 is currently known to primarily spread through infectious airborne respiratory droplets and aerosols, is that nearly all New Year’s Eve parties take place inside.

Remember: The CDC recommends keeping indoor celebrations to just your household, or having virtual or outdoor celebrations if you want to see your family and friends. So please party safely to start the new year off with good health—not coronavirus. With the arrival of a few approved vaccines, many are feeling hopeful about getting back to a sense of normalcy. But we’re not there yet.

At such scenarios here comes some handy tips to celebrate New Year eve 2020

  1. Start Early or Do a virtual party

You could do an early outdoor dinner and celebration then send everyone home to ring in the new year separately, or have guests arrive closer to midnight to count down to 2021 together in person. Infact a virtual party is not a bad idea to go this New Year’s Eve. (Plus, it gives everyone the perfect excuse to celebrate in their PJs.)Pick your favorite video chat platform, invite your loved ones and a few of your child’s friends, and try a few of these kid-friendly conversation starters and activities to keep your virtual celebration moving.


2. Light up the party space

High-tech twinkly lights can be programmed to shift colors in sync with the music you’re playing to give you a more clubby vibe. Hand out glow-in-the-dark necklaces, 2021 glasses, and glittery tiaras and hats to lighten up your part.

3. Make a wish

If you’re keeping warm around the fire pit, people can write down the things they’re ready to let go of and toss them into the fire. It may feel silly, but we’ll take all the good luck we can get. You can do it virtually with your relatives and friends or also with your family. Read it out the wishes to each other share some jokes and start the new year on a note of positivity.

4. Cultural cooking

Make a feast of several cultures’ versions of good luck food. Long noodles symbolize a long and prosperous life in China and Japan, and black-eyed peas (stewed with ham hocks and collard greens) are good luck in the South. Foods that look like coins or cash or are gold in hue—like mandarins, dumplings, cabbage, cornbread, lentils, and greens—are thought to help bring you prosperity in the new year. And at midnight, you can follow the Spanish tradition of popping 12 grapes in your mouth, one for each stroke of the clock, to help you get a fresh start for the new year.

5. Game night

If you’re hosting just one other household, almost any board game is an option if both households have a set. But for a bigger group, stick to timeless games that don’t require any supplies, like “20 Questions,” a scavenger hunt at home for New Year’s Eve-themed items (for example, something to make lots of noise with), or charades.

6. Go a little wild
If you’re celebrating outdoors, you don’t have to worry as much about the mess. So go ahead and break out the confetti, streamers, and silly string, burst some crackers and light up sparklers to ring in the new year. It is important especially after a dull year which went by spending most time indoor.

7. Kid-Friendly Activities for Your Virtual New Year’s Eve Party

a. Photo booth montage, minus the booth: If your child loves playing dress-up, this activity’s for you. Ask everyone to come prepared with three or four different costume props, either from their closet or cut out of cardboard with popsicle stick handles – like wigs, silly hats, giant bows or a fake mustache. Take a screenshot of the whole group wearing one accessory, then switch to the next. By the end, you’ll have a collection of laugh-out-loud photos.
b. Dance break! Let your child pick a couple upbeat songs in advance, and build several dance breaks into your agenda to get everyone moving! This also works well as transitional music for the previous activity, while guests are changing out props.
c. New Year’s Eve treat: Sharing food has a way of making us feel connected, even over video chat. You can encourage guests to set up an ice cream bar at home or prepare a favorite mocktail (hot cocoa, anyone?) – or with a little advance notice, you can even coordinate a common treat, like mulled cider, for everyone to enjoy during your New Year’s Eve virtual party.

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