Happy Father’s Day! Celebrating male parenting

We all are celebrating Father’s day today which is a great thing (I am totally not with the leftist wing that these days are the marketing strategies of some multi national companies) We all celebrate birthdays, anniversaries etc So what’s the harm if we dedicate a day to cherish our first super heroes…OUR DADDies!

Though do you know the history of its origin? Well, Grace Golden Clayton of West Virginia was mourning her father’s death and she suggested to her pastor in 1908 that the church honor fathers, an idea likely inspired by a mining disaster in nearby Monongah the year before that killed 362 men and left 1,000 widows and children.

There is also one more folklore associated with it which is  more widely recognized as the creator of Father’s Day, was Sonora Dodd of Spokane, Washington. Dodd and her five siblings were raised by a single father in a time when that was largely uncommon, and in 1910, she started a petition to recognize the holiday.

So that’s all about history and all that.. but if you are still sort of reasons to celebrate it. Let me remind you again that why dads are the best and enlighten you with some more reasons to just go to him,hug,snuggle and say “Dad I love you.” and listen to his gentle “Hmmm..” It’s all worth the million words.

The first superheroes

Hell yeah ! My daddy is strongest and he can even kill ‘Darth Vader’I seriously believed it when I was 5.

The First Joker

He was my first joker and the most cherished one ever in my life. He made me laugh even when I was grumpy over something.He will just crank me up!gal-daddies-bradpitt-jpg

The Teacher

Well mum was my first teacher and Dad could hardly sit to teach me but I still remember all the lessons whenever he sat with me and taught me.

Born leader

Hell yeah ! Whenever a crisis arose at our humble house it was dad who took control of the situation.He knows where to stand and what for! I still go and cry to him over my silly problems.



He can fix almost anything anywhere.At least in my life.


Well he hardly ever cooked but whenever he did …Man, those memories and food still smell fresh at one corner of my mind.

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My first tour Guide

I still remember those two fingers he gave me whenever he took me for a stroll.ter that! Crossing the roads have never been safer after that!

The best Vehicle

He’s my most cherished horse, Car and plane. It’s his shoulders and back where I spent most of my childhood hanging on.



The first driver

Well only dads can be the first drivers and vehicles all at the same time! He drove me everywhere from school to mall to my friend’s house and never was grumpy about it.

Mom vs Dad

Well I love mom more and there’s no doubt about it but ..but I like Dad more.


He’s more Sensible

Sometimes Mom just gets onto my nerves but thank god I can always look upto my dad to talk some sense to her.

He’s wiser

Well, It’s all his wisdom that I carry with me now and which never fails me ..even once.

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He cares

Well our happiness always weighed more than the money in his wallet.

He worked so hard

Well yeah, My daddy works very hard late nights,over shifts and god knows what else ….but all because he wanted to bring best to us.

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Permanent Proudy

Well he was more proud of my first walk,my first grades and first everything than his own and loved boasting about it before everyone. His own success never mattered to him.


He showed me what true love is by loving and standing behind my mom all these years.


The best reason

He is my dad and he will always be the best for me. That is the reason enough to love him more someday,everyday and always day!

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At 18 I started realising that my dad also has some flaws but that made me love him more as how all the while he gave his everything to our future and happiness in spite of all those constraints. It’s true that first loves are forever and that is why we can never stop loving our day.

HAppy fathers day!

Don’t wait just go and hug him!

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  1. Harsha says:

    Awwww such a cute nd touchy post….such small nd common little things projected so wonderfully …vehicle,lover description just luved it….u hve born with a gift writing….


  2. Cezane & Michelle says:

    Such fascinating Intel from where you began with the history of it. I loved to have learnt that apart from that, the way you crafted out a father’s image bit by bit in actions and tags that they portray love unto us with.. was Wowsome!!!!! ☺
    Beautiful..I pray the love between rises even more and lasts for eternity – Cezane

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