Life mantras to live a happy life

Twitter trolled Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan newly born son Taimur Ali Khan within few hours of that little soul’s birth only because the parents chose a little unconventional name for their just born ‘Taimur’ as this name is after a Turco Mongol conqueror who murdered lakhs of hindus.I mean come on how insensitive and senseless such personal attacks are on someone who have just blessed with a baby even if they are celebrities. Many supported them too like one of the twitterati said that’ Ram singh was the name of the rapist in Nirbhaya case. So?’ Media published reports of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma engagement only because they decided to take few days off in a luxury resort in Uttarakhand. The news of their getting engaged got so viral after they were seen with a local priest that Virat Kohli has to come up with the explanation that ‘they are not engaged now and will never hide it’ on his Twitter account.

The point is these senseless baseless talk of the town truly reflects the kind of society we have become. We have become a gossip monger society which is more interested in other’s life then focussing on our own.

I mean if someone would be content with the happiness and satisfaction in his own life and busy achieving his own goals would he ever have time to scrutinise what actually other people are doing? Tell me!

You notice how it’s a news when Rahul Gandhi opens his mouth and how the endless useless viral videos start taking the rounds of internet? I mean okay he might not be sharp but hardly a deal? So okay Kareena had a baby so what? Virat and Anushka vacations are hardly a thing People do travel all the time. But what happens in reality we all get busy playing with our phones and make sure that it reaches as many people as possible so that we could indulge ourselves into meaningless gossips collectively. It’s the best way to kill time.

life mantra to live a happy life

Our deliberate and desperate efforts to indulge into other people’s lives show an inward disconnect. It says about us that rather than living our own lives we are happier discussing others as we have nothing exciting to do in our own lives. 

And why talk about national news aren’t we happier talking about our neighbours than what is going on in our own houses. Some people are such big gossip mongers that even a fifteen minute talk with them will provide you everything that their neighbours or relatives does. You know why because they don’t find meaning of their own life. They are insecure,jealous and workless. Their world revolves around what other people does than their own. It’s a disease some sort of mental sickness.

You are wasting all your energies into focussing how others are living when in reality you should have focussed on your own life which could have provided a better identity and a feeling of achievement to you for chasing behind the dreams which are just yours but not because your neighbours or relatives fuelled it.

You should only be a doctor only if you wish to not because your uncle is a doctor. The parents should not push their kids only because they find other kids doing better (according to them) What does it leads to? Some serious ruining of relationships,loads of expectation,lack of confidence and inner unhappiness. When this situation could have been totally avoided just by accepting your life the way as it is. An indulgence with our own lives would have certainly resulted into an open mind and happy soul clearly leading you towards happier self if not anything. So fine someone else is doing great but then what does it has to do with me? ‘Saanu Ki, hum to changge hai ji’

  • Why don’t we work towards making our lives worthwhile? What about asking these questions to you everyday?
  • Was my day happy only because I tried to achieve something for me?
  • Would my today will positively add up to become a constructive tomorrow?
  • Would I have a better future once these todays and tomorrows merge with each other?
  • Is my life worth living and serves the purpose of me being?
  • Do I even know what’s my purpose in this life?

Once you will start chasing the questions you will soon have the answers and once you have the answers you will revolutionise your life,believe more in yourself and that divinity and live a life you always wanted. Here are few tips with which you can achieve it.




Try to understand that every interaction that we have with others influence us and shape our future bit by bit. So the relationships which are suffocating you should be immediately eliminated. They are no good to you.


People around us play a major role in deciding our own life and expectations we should hold from it. The way way we deal with these people,love,hate,tolerate etc teach us invaluable lessons which are important to lead our own life.

Lone time

Lone time for some time a day is very important to talk to ourselves and ask questions about right and wrong. Only to work upon to improve them.


You should always have some goals in your life. A man without a goal is like a rocket without a direction. Goals not only keeps you constructively engaged but also challenge you to achieve a better self.


Just like goals hobbies are also very important which not only delights your soul but also keeps you relaxed.

Anti gossip monger

Make a strict rule with yourself that you will not indulge yourself into talking about others. Immediately leave the place where other people are talking about someone else. You will see that half of your discontentment from life is soon vanishing.

Bullying others

Judging other people is like going against God’s will. Yes, true! Who are you to tell how someone else should live and how his or her life should be? Mind your own business and see you have just become a better version of yourself.

Channelise your energies

Focus on your life and only your life. You will not talk about others. Yes it’s tempting to talk about others but it eventually distribute your energies very negatively here and there which could have been of much use if put together collectively to achieve something bigger and better.

Be human

Atlast be human! It’s absolutely okay to cry sometimes. To break down sometimes and lie in your bed lazily for hours only because you feel so. Be happy for what you have than cry over what you have not!

Travel,love,laugh,fail it all adds to the learning and sense of fulfillment just stay away from intruding into other people’s life…. It’s simple. Right?

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