Karma exists

Hey guys recently I read few wonderful real life incidents shared by my fellow quorans which I felt important to be shared with my audiences because the purpose of my blog is just not sharing my experience but also helping my readers in some way or the other through sharing the right kind of information. Out of 668 answers given to this one question established the fact that if you rob someone’s money, cheat on someone or you are a bully Karma will bounce back to you with double the speed. So be considerate about what you are saying or doing. The fact is words hurt more than the action and if you are deliberately trying to demoralize someone you are out to be brutally demorlized one day. If you are laying the vary brick of your riches on someone else money then that would not sustain and you would end up paying the double very harshly. If something bad is happening to you have you ever asked question to yourself that ” Are you sure you never committed something similar?” If you don’t believe what I am saying here is the real life incidents.

There was a question on quora that

It is always satisfying when just desserts are served. Please can you provide real life examples

There were hundreds of answers to this question which made me firmly believe on the power of Karma or destiny or every action has a reaction theory. Do read and share to let people know that we all should do things with a conscious because there is someone right there looking for us called ‘KARMA’

1st example of karma

Mrigank Sinha, I love my life.

*I came through a lot of incidents that I could’ve mentioned here, but this one simply deserved mentioning*This is the story of a Brazilian Jujutsu instructor, Darren Dickson Meneses Xavier.

The man who raped his 18 months old stepson.It was a happy family until one day. When Xavier’s wife was away, he physically abused his 18 months old stepson, Miguel Star. After which, he informed his wife that Miguel had a seizure attack and that he took the unconscious baby to a local hospital. Unfortunately, the boy succumbed to death two days later.

As you can guess, the doctors fairly predicted the actual cause of death by the injuries on the rear back.Xavier was incarcerated in Wenback, DF Prison, grounds of raping and murdering a child.What a terrible father! Right?Anyways, Karma played a brilliant game with this guy.When the prisoners got to know about his heinous deed that got him there, about 20 prisoners brutally gangraped him.

The prison authority released this image after the assault.

He was taken to the prison hospital where he cured with some stitches on his rear side.But wait!This didn’t stop here.When he was shifted back to the prison after the treatment with a stitched ass the 20 inmates raped him for the second time.

Inhuman for Inhumane.

Karma is a bitch, isn’t it?

Source – Caravan Alive

  2nd example of Karma

Jayanth sai Shiva, Chartered Accountant, wanderlust & ambivert

The rise and fall of Martin Shkreli

Well this question reminds me of Martin Shkreli, who is one of the most hateful persons in the world. What he did was something legal but very immoral.In September 2015, Shkreli obtained the manufacturing license for a drug called Daraprim and raised its price by 5,500%  (from US$ 13.50 to US$ 750 per tablet). This drug is a life saving AIDS pill. So important that it is on the World Health organisation’s (WHO) list of the most important medications needed in a basic health system.

Karma bites back – 3 months later,on 17th December 2015, he is taken into custody for repeatedly losing money for investors and lying to them about it, illegally taking assets from one of his companies to pay off debtors in another.“Shkreli essentially ran his company like a Ponzi scheme where he used each subsequent company to pay off defrauded investors from the prior company,” Brooklyn U.S. Attorney said at a press conference.

If convicted, he could spend 20 years in jail.

Well done Karma!!

3rd example of karma

Zeeshan Ali, zindagi jhand hai, fir bhi ghamand hai.

A young guy is passing by a beggar playing harmonium and singing a song somewhere in Mumbai.He loves the voice of the beggar and asks him to grant the permission to record his voice. The beggar agrees.When the beggar is leaving, the guy asks the beggar whether he ate his breakfast or not. The beggar replies, “nothing”. The guy puts his hands in his pocket and takes out some money and hands over to him in the cloak of a handshake.

After a few days the guy recieves a call that he is been asked to sign some contracts with a social organisation named Being Indian.A man comes in an Innova car to pick him up.He is completely unaware of the fact that he is going to meet Sonu Nigam.The guy is awestruck. Sonu Nigam tells him that it was him who was singing on the footpath disguised as a beggar.

Sonu Nigam hugs him and shows a frame in which ₹12 is framed. That was the amount given by the guy to him. Irony is, that the guy did not know the exact amount that he gave to the beggar.

The name of that guy is Shahbaz Ali.The team that did this social experiment: Being Indian.Theme of the experiment: “Do people recognize the talent of a layman?”कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन । ( भगवद् गीता, 2:47, 1st line of the verse)(You have authority over your deeds, not on results: Bhagawad Geeta , 2:47)

4th example of Karma

Yogen Singh, Say Hi to the SKY!

Here I’m to tell you about the KARMA Effect!

I, Yogendra Singh Gour, Articled Trainee at Mahajan & Aibara, from the beautiful city of lakes – Udaipur, Rajasthan, pursuing Chartered Accountancy in Mumbai, Maharashtra.My grandmother lost my grandfather when my mother was 12 years old (who is their only child) in a planned murder for forcefully possession of a marble mine owned by my grandfather in Binota village near Chittorgarh of Rajasthan. It was drastically painful phase of their life. But she, with her entire family promoted ethics and good behavior instead of taking revenge and suggested us that have faith on KARMA. After the passage of my Grandfather, She struggled to earn livelihood for her only daughter by stitching clothes in the village. After my birth she shifted with us in Udaipur to take care of me as she saw reflection of my Grandfather in me and subsequently built a home of her own in the city. Then she helped many people coming from her village in city to get job or education. She still stitches clothes to contribute in family even though attaining the age of 58 years. I specified all this details to make you know that“We only get the part of what we give to the world.”After 28 years from the sad demise of my grandfather, on evening of Saturday, 6th of February ’16, we received a call from Dainik Bhaskar (Daily National Newspaper), informing us that my Grandmother, Smt. Amba Devi Panwar, won a brand new BMW car by lucky draw as bumper prize in their “Jeeto 10 Crore” contest which was held nationwide. No doubt, it was the freezing moment for all of us but it brought a grand celebration to my family.

On Saturday, 9th of April ’16, we received that mesmerizing white BMW 320d Sport Line from the COO of Dainik Bhaskar, Rajasthan Division at Ramada Resort, Udaipur.

All the legal formalities, documentation, settlement and TDS payment of Rs. 1095007/- was processed by me (because I’m the only one educated to that level in my whole family) which helped me to learn many professional attributes which will help me in my CA career in near future.

The most interesting part is that, before BMW, we won a red Hyundai EON Era+ in Rotary Club’s Lottery, again as bumper prize on 9th November ’14 on my mother, Smt. Shanta Kunwar’s name.

So, Yes! We are two time lottery winners.

Yes, miracles happen! But only with those people who believes in KARMA and live their life with pure heart & soul.

We will get back the fruits or poison which we gave to the world in this life only so keep doing good things and have faith on your KARMA.

5th example of karma

Ajay Akshay, pragmatic
 In 1998, Tata Group led by Mr.Ratan Tata decided to enter passenger car business. The result was Tata Indica model. Initially, it appeared to be

a disastrous experiment. Mr. Ratan Tata got the hint and decided to sell the passenger car business to Ford, whom at that point of time showed keen interest too. When the two sides sat on negotiation table to figure out details, executives from Ford insinuated Tata executives for playing in unknown terrain. At one point, Mr. Ford himself said to Mr. Tata “why did you enter in the passenger car business when you were not knowing of it. It will be a favor if we buy this business from you”. Refusing to accept this insult, Mr. Tata decided to continue in passenger car business and eventually became successful to such an extent that Tata Motors started exporting the cars to other continents as well.

Fast forward in 2008, Ford was on the verge of bankruptcy when Tata Group offered Ford to buy their luxury car brand Jaguar-Land Rover. Mr. Ford, with his executive team, reached Tata Group’s HQ Bombay House in Mumbai. After reaching consensus, Mr. Ford said to Mr. Tata ”You are doing a big favor for us by buying Jaguar – Land Rover”.

Stay humble, because what goes around, comes around.

6th example of Karma

Vikram Pillai, I believe in Karma.

 I would like to quote an incident where Karma revealed its existence to us in a brilliant way.This incident dates back around 5 years, I was pursing Engineering in Chennai. I stayed in a rental flat with my friends, near our college. Once my friend and I went to buy groceries for home in the nearby supermarket. Back then, we had this habit of shoplifting, It was the new trend in our group. We use to do that just for fun and to show off to friends. Our usual target items would be chocolates, key chains, pens and other similar petty stuffs. I was particular skilled in it as I have never been caught even once, whereas all my other friends did get caught at least once. Now, in the super market that day, they had this new stand placed near the cash counter with all kinds of costly chocolates kept on it. The sight was simply irresistible. My friend challenged me to target those. So, in some time I had pocketed few Diary Milk Silks, Bournville and few other expensive chocolates while my friend did the shopping. We paid the bills for the groceries purchased and headed home. After reaching, I unleashed the stolen collection of chocs, I had got chocs worth 225 INR. My friend and my room mates were all praises.

After sometime, when we were checking the groceries, we noticed that few items present in the ‘buy list’ were missing. But, my friend confirmed their purchase. It so happened that, the store had multiple sections and each had its own cash counter. So, we forgot one particular section’s item in the store itself, after paying the bill. When we did a total of the prices of those items, guess what, it amounted to 225 !, which is the exact amount of the chocolates stolen. I was speechless, so was my friend. Ridden with guilt, we called up the store and asked if there was any baggage left, the store manager said there is a bag left, and that they have kept it separately and asked us to collect it anytime. We were really ashamed that day. We gave away those chocolates to school kids on the way to collect the baggage from store.

That was the last time I shoplifted and I am pretty sure I am not getting involved in it anytime soon, not in this lifetime. So, what made me change ? Karma.

Not only did Karma showed its presence to us that day, but it also showed us how amazingly accurate it was, mathematically.


7th example of karma

Palak Jagtiani, Living every bit of it.

Yes! I have.

Two years back I was engaged to a good looking guy from Dubai. Was an arranged thing. We met once and the next day was our engagement. This guy post engagement never told any of his friends about his relationship status as he already had a girlfriend and he also did not find me FIT as per Dubai standards. The span of one month that we were engaged for he treated me like TRASH. I can’t connect with you because you don’t do make-up, my world is different than yours. I can’t introduce you to my friends because you don’t have alcohol! I took that all for 30 days. Later when I called it an off he told me about his girlfriend.

I really did not have much to give him back. My confidence had gone down to zero! I wished him good luck and was done there.Later, he left Dubai for his girlfriend and settled in India. Got engaged too.
And the girl DUMPED him in a month. (Reasons best known to them)
I got to know how heartbroken he was as he fought with his parents, left his job and came to India for her.
And I got an Apology call from him!:D

8th example of Karma

Abhishek Rao, Well it really is a bit*h!!

This reminds me of an incident which happened with me while doing an internship in Germany. My room-mate was to leave for Singapore from Munich, so he offered to show me a bit around Munich before his flight took off.

While travelling in the metro, I saw a couple playing with their kid. A few minutes after they left I saw their mobile phone lying astray on the seat. Unaware of how the lost and found system works in this new country, I simply pointed out to my room-mate that the couple had forgotten their phone.

He quickly went ahead and kept it in his bag, saying no use taking it to the officials officials as it won’t reach the couple anyway. I felt horrible but knew not, what to do. So, I followed him around finally reaching the airport. We waited for a while for him to check-in, just then the air hostess came and told my roommate that he can’t fly to Singapore today, as his passport only has a validity of 5 months while it needs at least 6 months passport validity to enter Singapore. He had to pay 400 Euros extra to reschedule the flights and sort out the whole fiasco, which coincidentally was also equal to the cost of the phone we found.

Well, instant karma!

9th Example of Karma


My boyfriend’s mother hated me, and she made a huge deal out of him coming to see me and sleeping over. Because her daughters were viiiiiirgins and would neeeever sleep around.Um. No. They were not virgins. Puh-lease.

Boyfriend and I decided to move far away (his job) and live together. We didn’t make the decision lightly. We’re both loyal, monogamous types and our relationship was serious. We’d already talked about our relationship moving towards marriage.

When he told his mother our plans, all hell broke loose and she had a shit-fit. One of the things she screamed at him, was “She’s going to get PREGNANT and quit her job and be a BURDEN on you for the rest of your LIFE!”

We moved in together and spent a couple of years living far away from her, each working our jobs and enjoying the area we lived in. Then we got engaged and set our wedding date for about a year out, wanting to enjoy a long engagement and plenty of time to plan.

My SIL had a boyfriend that she said she was enjoying dating with no immediate plans to get engaged.

She accidentally gets pregnant.

MIL scrambles to find a wedding venue fancy enough for her taste and to make it look planned and deliberate. lol. As she and my future SIL and BIL tour the facility, MIL pulls future BIL aside so he can “ask” for SIL’s hand, and then he  proposes with a hastily purchased, gigantic “we-totally-meant-to-get-married-all-along” ring.

Basically, MIL tried to put spin on the whole thing like it was some charming “oopsie”. At the wedding, my husband’s other sister was trash-talking the whole debacle. MIL was upset and furious with her youngest for getting knocked up before she was married.

Personally I don’t care in what order it happens for people, you do you. But I loved seeing my MIL suffer embarrassment because she has made my life hell…and still does.

The kid was born the day before my husband and I got married and MIL barely had a chance to see her first grandchild, then had to drive twelve hours to make our wedding. Had she not been a meddling bitch about that, we might have gotten married in her family’s house of worship, but because she had to be nasty about it all, we held it where we were living.

edit 1:

 This post is little long than my usual stories but anyday worth it.

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