5 winter looks for college going girls

Winters would just be there and still we will have to go to the college! Well that is just not fair! Alas! A cappuccino cup, warm furry quilt, some pink floyd music and a good book is all we ever wanted in winters but no what we basically do is to slog ourselves somehow to the lecture rooms while cursing all those chilly wintery airs. And there is not much we can do about it but we can surely do something about our apparels and accessories to bring up that much needed spice into our life wrapped up with dull boring foggy wintery days. So here to help you out I bring you 5 very easy, warm and practical looks which you can totally pull off which are definitely not ramp ready looks.

Bomber Jacket Look

There is not much ado about this look. Simple, cozy and warm! You just need to throw these clothes upon you and your good to go. A bomber jacket in dark colours, A grey blue denim high waist jeans which is of same pallete of colour to the jacket yet doesn’t look very matchy matchy to it.Now the fun part is provided to this look by colourful shoes and accessories so a coloured block heel which is comfortable yet trendy is perfect along with a printed woolen scarf or stole. Don’t opt for plain colourful scarves with this look as it will make the entire look very boring along with plain jacket and jeans.

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Skirt Look

It’s one of the most modern and trendy look for winters. Very chic yet professional! You just need a frilly flowy colourful mini along with stockings to keep you warm with that tini mini skirt and team it up with your leather studio or quilted jackets which should not be glossy or shiny to match up the work environment. Provide this look a very basic ankle length boots which don’t draw the attention towards them. A white shirt or a comfy pashmina sweater inside it is all your preference. Make sure to wear polyester or suede leather skirt not the cotton ones.

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Beanie cap and stole look

Beanie caps are like soul mates during winters. And they go with any dress from skirts to jeans to dresses. A little side swept and bangs hair style and you turn into the cutest thing on the planet. This one is a classic denim and boots look with distressed jeans and camel coloured boots with stole and beanie cap. The cashmere stole is adding the style quotient perfectly. You can also add any of your favourite waist coat with this look to get that extra warmth.


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Stockings look

If you are a winter person and love those cold wintery days then I am sure you can totally pull off this stockings look . If caps are winter soul mates then stockings are like winter best friends. Stockings can easily be teamed up with dresses,skirts,long cardigans or sweaters. These keep you very cosy and warm along with providing you a very stylish carefree look. For this look you can team up any of your single pieces or dresses with your denim oversized boyfriend shirts or even a long denim jacket would also do. Pair it up with your favourite pair of stockings and oxford shoes.

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Trench coat look

I can’t imagine a woman who isn’t in awe with her trench coats. And trench coats and us are a match made in heaven right? But when I am talking about a college look then you can totally replace the boots with your sneakers and jeans with your woolen tights or leggings. A right pair of shades to make this entire carefree look a bit of edge!

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