Ten things girls should carry while they travel

Travelling has become an integral part of our lives these days. We go out and travel more often today. Office trips, cultural trips,educational tips,stress relieving trip,professional trips,personal trips trips to visit parent and relatives and even all those fun trips to explore new country,culture or people. There can be million of excuses and reasons to travel. So it’s smart to be travel ready sauve girl with the list of things mentioned here which will make your travelling not only convenient but also fun. It will also prevent you facing any trvaelling disaster and make your life little easier.So check out the list of things to be carried while you travel and mark it right from the compiled list just like the other cool girls do.

1. One Matte Lipstick as it stays on place and preferably red colour as it goes on all skin tones and looks fab equally on ethnics and westerns. Make sure to buy rather moisturised matte lipstick.


2. Carry the kind of Moisturisers  which comes with sunscreen too than carrying two separate bottles of moisturizer and sunscreen. It’s more mess and will take up more space in your bag.


3.Don’t forget to carry your foundation too while you travel and keep it to look flawless in all those thousands pictures and smile proudly later.


4.Your favourite perfume is a must have when you travel just to keep you fresh throughout the day. Make sure to buy the travel packs beforehand. Anyday a better option than deodorants!


5.Just carry one trendy big bag when you travel and forget everything else after dumping in it during your shopping while you travel and it also helps you reduce your airport luggage weight and you can easily carry it inside the plane as your hand luggage.


6.One money bag which can carry all your important documents,tickets,passport and money is a must to keep you hassle free and organised. And not to forget to tuck in your gloss or lipstick in it too,you know for quick touch ups.


7.Jackets are the second most useful things after your bags. They ll cover you up,make you look cool and keep you warm. You should never ever I repeat never ever travel without a jacket.


8.Stoles prove to be the saviour and looks cool too. They can keep you warm and you can easily wrap it around if you feel cold during those animal safaris or if AC is too much for you on flights. And it can easily be wrapped around your neck to provide you chic look.


9.Sneakers are the must when you are on go. They are not only extremely comfortable but also make an style statements. You just don’t need to pack any other type of shoes with them if you don’t have dinner plans or if you don’t have to wear ethnics.


10.Aviators are anyday best travel companion. They are light and look chic too. So all those scorching sun rays piercing your eyes…Bye bye! Only visual delights of the new lands.


Hope it helps and make your travelling easier and chic! Wish you happy travels! Be safe and have fun!

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