Types of shoes every classy woman should have!

Marilyn Monroe once said ” Give a woman right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world” and boy, She was so true. Then,we talk shoes and don’t mention Carrie Bradshaw …now that will be a crime! A shoe addict who inspired millions of girls across the planet by her style and panache. Off course not to forget the tremendous support provided by the huge collection of her amazing shoes. It truly created a style icon out of her. I am a self confessed shoe addict and I feel there is nothing like ‘ Too Many of Shoes’. But As I am no Marilyn Monroe or Carrie Bradshaw (just like many other girls on this planet) and simply can not afford to have them all. So I have made a list of ‘must have’ shoes for women of all caste, creed or color. So let’s just hit it girls!


PUMPS ( Timeless beauty!)

These are heeled  slip on shoes with a low cut front.Call these LBD of shoes world! You can never go wrong with it. A black and nude pumps are must haves. Black looks good with everything and nude makes your legs look longer. Ethnic, Western, casual, formal you just name a dress type and they would go with almost everything. you can attend your boards meetings to move your ass all in the same pair of pumps. What more one can ask for!

BOOTS ( Magic in winters!)

Truly a versatile pair of shoes! Winters and fall must haves. Unlike the popular belief, they are just not only to be worn with a tee,jacket and jeans (though a really classy choice for boots) but can also be paired with skirts, shorts or dresses easily. Colors to choose for are black and chestnut browns. And never ever dare to buy boots in red, pink,green, blue or any such color. Leave it for gypsies!

BALLET FLATS ( A girl’s best friend!)

I can’t imagine a girl who does not owe some pairs of ballet flats. They are great for shopping,travelling, work, play and just everywhere under the sky. And yes, they feel like walking in the sky too. They look great with a range of clothes from ethnic to western. Never forget to carry a pair of these flats in your purse when you decide to go out in your heels. Awww, So much friendship!


WEDGES ( Fun in summers!)

Now these are my personal favorites. Comfort of flats and style of heels this is what a pair of good wedges make you feel. Summers are the season to flaunt your pedicure in wedges and goes great with tank top, tube tops, minis and shorts. Fall in love!

OXFORDS (Power you posses!)

The masculine vibes, the vintage feel and the power you feel! Do I need to define the classiness that a pair of oxford shoes posses? They look great with trousers,coats or power shoulder dresses. Trust me It’s a must have and also alternative to those very casual and girlish sneakers. Class is what you get!

SANDALS (Soul sisters of Ballet flats!)

Talking of summers how can one forget sandals! Not that robust feeling of flip flops and simply more stylish than them. And It is just not the shower or beaches but you can wear it almost anywhere. Looks great with shorts and skirts.The variety, material and texture available in sandals are unimaginable. SO just owe seven eight pairs at-least. It perks up your mood girl!


ETHNIC HEELS (Desi beauties!)

Now as I am an Indian so possessing right pair of heels which goes with all my Indian wears like sari or Lehenga is a must. It’s unimaginable to wrap yourself into those six yards of saris or bulky lehngas. Thank you so much for holding us!

JUTTIS ( sadda haq aithe rakh!)

What kind of Indian girl won’t have juttis! Yes those Indian version of ballet flats just with some more twist. Thread work, beads, latkans or even pearls !! Only sky is the limit. ‘Juttis’ are any salwar suit lovers soul mate!

So, Still If you don’t believe that women  share a special relationship with their shoes than go through the pictures again. These are the real shoe closet (rather a museum) of some famous celebrities along with the glimpses of my humble shoe collection.  So, you see ‘celebrity or no celebrity’ we women as species love our shoes and ” Shoe love is true love!”

So what are you waiting for? Go buy those perfect pairs for you.Good luck!









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