A guide to teenage college going girls!

Lovers, Haters, Boyfriends, Friends, Bitches, Parents, Teachers.. Oh god is there no dearth of people who keep bothering a teenage girl? She has just entered a college, she is now officially committed, her parents expect her to grow up and her new teachers behave pretty strange so unlike her favourite teacher at school. Her roommates keep nagging her and create problems like never before. She recently had a cat fight and still dealing with a heart break. And do you know what is the worst combination of all? A possessive boyfriend along with bitchy roommates… trust me you don’t need to go to hell. Her relatives are true pain in the ass and her siblings are just not getting her point. What do you think life is easy for a half adult half kid girl? Definitely not and so here comes a crisp guide tested and trailed by me which I hope will help you my dear girls sail smoothly in this big bad bad world.

The boyfriend
Well it’s absolutely not necessary to have a boyfriend just to have a boyfriend. Make a boyfriend only if you feel the need of it at emotional levels. You may be or may not be in love but your free to make a boyfriend if you feel like giving a chance to your heart.Make sure he behaves more friendly than boyfriendly and a possessive boyfriend is a complete ‘No-No’. No matter how much you feel head over heels in love with him. It will never end on a good note.

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Never ever try to engage your girlfriends and boyfriend together. Trust me it’s a bad idea. Your friends would find something to irritate you and your boyfriend will hate you for this. But yes both should have a clear understanding  how not to intrude into each others space.Friends should simply add onto your joy and reduce your worries. And they will stick to you while your campus saga no matter what shit you are into. There is no other version of friends.

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No matter how hard you try you will always find someone who truly deeply madly hates you. The best option is to avoid such people and don’t waste your time thinking or talking about them. But yeah be prepared to reply them back on direct confrontations.Haters don’t hate you for a reason. They hate you because they find you easy to hate. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Kick that feeling away.

I know your equations with your parents are not going as per planned but don’t worry it’s just a phase and it will pass too. For the time being just try to follow as closely as they expect from you (which is impossible…so I said closely). They love you no matter what you do. So if ever your college life is totally out of your hands let them know. Trust me!

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Oh they are too cute to be dealt anyway. You never deal with them, You always surrender before them. But remember they are going to be you support for rest of your lives. When you will have no friends( trust me it happens later in life) you will realise their importance


Well there is a reason we use ‘professors’ to our mentors in college not teacher like in school. Stop expecting too much from them and don’t simply expect that they will come, scold or hug you over your mistakes and spend some quality time with you. It’s college just the extension of big bad world outside waiting for you. Get used to of this feeling of living among strangers and opportunists.


“Oh, so you are already in college Its time we should find a groom for you”. “What would you do with your engineering degree medical is the profession”. And ………” Stop giving heed to them. They just want to feel important and so it’s upto you to don’t give them that sadistic pleasure of disheartening you. Be big, be bold before them and yes always happy ..annoyingly happy! But yeah, there are always two side of a coin too.




Well bitch in your life would be that one girl whose path would always cross with you and the interaction would never be pleasant no matter how hard you try. She will always be clingy, complaining and irritating. Be sure all those nasty rumours about you are her contribution. And how to deal with her? Well that is easy just be equally bitchy to her. No mercy.


Room mates

Keep cordial terms with your roommate and always divide the responsibilities. Do not burden yourself or her with everything. Even if you find your roommate not your types try to maintain a healthy relationship and give space to each other ‘s friends. There should be few ground rules customised for both of you. Still, if ever you feel suffocated in her presence change your room-mate immediately. You don’t owe any obligation to her.


Well it is the most important thing for a college going girl. Heart breaks,catfights,period problem,flood,earthquake no matter what or how… be focused on making a career out of your  college. That is what going to define you soon.that should be your only motto.


Never ever cry for marks. I mean don’t join the groups of those girls who have already got 99% and crying for that 1%. Trust me they have no future. It’s perfectly fine to be average but smart.


Well trust me it’s very important to inculcate your hobbies. They play an equally important role in shaping your future and career. College is an easy platform to indulge yourself into these soul delights. These are going to make you stand apart before your recruiter from all those people who holds a similar degree as yours. Besides it will make you happy.


There is only one ground rule to hostel life. Never ever indulge yourself into other people’s fight. Even if you like the person very much and she is your friend then too find ways to  help herher indirectly . And yeah maintain good terms with warden.


Never ever try to copy that hot girl in your college. Wear what you feel comfortable in. You are what you are and you just need to carry your attitude honestly with you not the latest cell phones, mascara or lipsticks. Trust me you will look attractive.

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Trust me these are part of college life and if you don’t ever face one then you are surely non popular, dumb or may be something’s really wrong with you! So don’t take these catfights to your heart and save those tears for later in life. Fight full heartedly and just forget!


At the end it is very important that whatever you do love, hate, fight, study or even fall of the roof always maintain  dignity and self respect. It’s very important to respect that self respect and no one is above that respect. Do not stoop to other people’s level hold on, stand firmly and don’t worry they will have their lesson soon.

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Remember girls these are the best days of your life and so make most of it. Fall in love, kick out wrong guys, commit mistakes, laugh on later and always remember everything is going to be all right at the end. If it is not okay then it is not the end

Loads of love. XoXo!!

PS- Thank you Emma Watson for giving us such a wonderful movie.




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