Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt Divorce

Now this one news is really heartbreaking. Out of all the couples they looked the best together. They adopted four beautiful kids of different ethnicity and eventually made their own too and that too twins. They looked fabulous together onscreen, offscreen or while waving to the crowd in public holding hands of their kids. Pitt was always her side when she had mastectomy surgery of both the breasts and how they made us believe that they are going to be together forever. Afterall twelve years of togetherness means something and they have just got married in 2014 where their children were heavily involved and each played a some role into making it possible. Like Maddox and Pax walked down the aisle with her and Zahara and Vivienne played flower girls perfectly all the while tossing petals gathered from their garden. Shiloh and Knox were ring bearers. they also helped their parents write down the vows. And it is believed that it was actually the pressure from their children that they agreed to say ‘I do’ after eight years of togetherness. Then what happened so bad? I mean again we can’t say ‘Brangelina’ anymore? Really?

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The Divorce have been filed by the jolie citing irreconcilable differences for the reasons of divorce. She has not asked for any spousal support but has demanded physical custody of their six kids to her while granting the visitations rights to Brad Pitt. Currently She is said to have rented a house in Malibu while Pitt is believed to be staying at the hollywood Hills.

TMZ first reported the divorce citing various reasons like Brad pitt lunged at Maddox when he tried to defend his mother during mid air arguments. TMZ also cited that Pitt is alleged to go wild and drunk  in a flight from France to Minnesota and started screaming and started physical hitting. And perhaps this was the final nail into Angelina Jolie’s patience as she was already upset about her husband’s excessive drinking and smoking weed problems and believed he has anger issues.She also had to deal with Pitt’s alleged affair with his ‘Allied’ co star Marion Cotillard recently. Though Marion denied any romantic involvement with Brad pit and also that she is pregnant with her second child through an Instagram post stating that “it’s going to be her first and only rection about this whole thing.” And wished Angelina and Pitt that they find peace soon.

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Currently FBI is investigating the matter and a police car was seen to be arriving at the Jolie Pitt compound recently. The FBI is investigating the incident because it allegedly happened mid-air. An LAPD spokesperson said to news channels that though the investigations are out of their jurisdiction because the alleged incident happened on an airplane. Also The LA County Department of Children and Family Services told KTLA reporter and anchor Wendy Burch there is an investigation into child abuse claims.

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Currently Angelina Jolie is said to have blocked all the calls and messages from her estranged husband in an extreme step.And have hired Top LA attorney Lisa Bloom who has tackled many celebrity cases like Johnny Depp and also represented Mel Gibson’s ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva in a domestic violence case against the actor.Pitt has also hired his own divorce lawyer, Lance Spiegel, who has represented the likes of Charlie Sheen, Eva Longoria and Michael Jackson etc.

Though it’s not like Pitt is thrown off guard with Jolie’s decision of filing divorce but of course he’s upset about the timing of filing the divorce as he wanted it to be a private affair for the sake of the children.

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All said and done but we can gather only one thing out of it that nothing last forever, not. We wish Angelina and Pitt to resolve the matter soon(though the chances are really sleek) and move on with their lives and hope it doesn’t affect the kids in anyway.

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