Valentine Day celebration unique ideas

You want to be a dude this Valentine Day? Then just don’t be a robot and instead of buying chocolates  or flowers for your girlfriend act smart and be the best boyfriend ever! How? Just try to follow these unique and wonderful ideas to celebrate Valentine Day and that’s it there would not be any U turns in your love life ever. Be Romantic yet unconventional is the key to a happy Valentine’s day and a rocking love life. So here are the steps to celebrate Valentine Day.

The dress

Start the Day by sending the most enormous bouquet along with a romantic dress to your girlfriend or wife. That should be the first thing that she sees in the morning. The tag should say ‘Our adventure begins now!’

Valentine day celebration ideas

Most romantic breakfast

Prepare or order the most breakfast out of all the Valentine Day’s recipe once she reaches the kitchen. You can always write love quotes with sauce or jams or simply put a lovely little photo frame with you guys pictures there. She can’t wait smiling throughout and thinking about you.

valentine day celebration idea

Don’t Pick up the call

So once she can’t help but call you don’t pick up the phone and set some customised romantic caller tune just for her. Make sure your mom doesn’t get to listen those love songs of yours.

Send her a Riddle

Prepare some riddle which hints her to wear that lovely dress and come out by the particular time . And don’t be a bore those riddles should actually be tini mini valentine day goodies with written notes on them.

valentine day celebration idea

Book the Cab

Book the bestest safest and cutest cab for her to reach the venue of your Valentine Day celebrations and you can always leave a riddle there or leave a Valentine Day card etc just for your love.

Do touristy Thing

Now here enters the Valentine Day lover before the cab at the middle of nowhere(tip the cabwala before about it) and kneel down before your angry princess and ask her to be your ‘Valentine‘! And that’s it. Explore your own city like you never did before with her. Roam around, eat,drink and just do whatever is you guys personal idea of fun.

valentine day celebration idea


Group date

Here you can also organise a group date in spite of touristy things depending upon what your girlfriend would like more.

How to celebrate valentine day

The final dinner

Once you guys are done shopping and sightseeing then head onto the nicest restaurant in your city and pre book your pool side table there or in the lawns if she’s a nature lover. Gift her something which really means to her like a helium balloon with a ring in it etc and for more such ideas click onto this link 10 coolest Valentine Day Gifts for her

ideas to celebrate valentine day

Close the day

And after the dinner the entire time is yours which I hope you will spend wisely cuddling,fondling,laughing,dancing or just watching TV with popcorns all around. Before closing your eyes don’t forget to tell your girl one final ‘I love you’ for the day.

ideas to celebrate valentine day

The The girl code is not a tall difficult if you understand that the priciest of all your possessions don’t matter to her before your one simple honest effort which might be clumsy or even fail. But your intentions to go out of the ways and make her feel special are what that matters to her the most if she loves you.

Happy Valentine Day folks and there’s should never be a problem in celebrating a day which talks about love between two people! 

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