Valentine Week

The season of love is here and the valentine week starts on 7th february 2018 and ends on 14th february 2018. This valentine week list comprises the entire schedule of Valentine week till Valentine Day. Rose Day, Propose Day,Chocolate Day,Teddy day,Promise Day,Hug Day,Kiss Day and Valentine’s Day you have got endless opportunities to express your love to your sweetheart. The cards and gifts are integral part of valentine day and the romance is already up in the air and plan to celebrate this Valentine Day in the most magnanimous way ever. All the boys and girls have geared up for a grand Valentine Day celebrations. Valentine Week is an special week a week filled with love and warmth. And so gear up for this Valentine day and start with going through this Valentine week schedule and I will suggest you you express your love to that someone special from rose day itself and end it in a grand manner on Valentine Day.

Rose Day date

A rose is the simplest expression of love and any boyfriend,girlfriend,husband,wife or lover can start celebrating their valentine week just by giving a simple rose to their mates. Different rose colours signify different meaning Red rose expresses love and purple rose shows enchantment,yellow rose is signifies friendship and the list goes on.

Rose Day 2017 idea, schedule, meaning of rose colour

Propose Day date

If you never had the chance to propose the love of your life and express your feeling to him or her then here is propose day dedicated exclusively for proposing someone special. Couples like girlfriend boyfriend or husband wife should definitely refresh their love goals and rewrite their love vows for each other. Make sure to express your feelings to your valentine by proposing them in a very special manner.

propose day ideas : through online cards,audio,customised videos, love cards with your proposal sent through post or some other person, proposal through radio,proposal in public,proposal through facebook,Instagram etc, Proposal by playing some musical instrument etc.

Propose Day 2017 couple love valentine day schedule celebration idea

Chocolate Day date

Who doesn’t love chocolates? There’s a type of chocolate for every mood. Chocolates are like best friends to the girls and guys love it too. A beautifully wrapped chocolate box has power to make anyone smile and there is a type of chocolate for every mood like Ferrero Rocher express Army wala love,Kit Kat makes you naughty, Dairy milk Silk is sensuous and the list goes on.

Chocolate Day 2017 celebration schedule date day

Teddy Day Date

Teddies are the cutest things on this planet after babies. Right? Cuddly,fugly, Softy and adorable creatures and how about gifting a teddy to your valentine this teddy day which represent you totally. Don’t you think that way your valentine can have you even at the times you are not around? Gifting smaller teddies which can be carried in a bag or purse is a good idea.

Teddy Day 2017 Valentine week valentine day 2017

Promise Day

Promises are some sacred vows which are suppose to be kept and so this promise day try to promise things to your valentine the things that matters the most to them in the most special manner. Make promises and seal it with couple rings or couple chains which always remind you of beautiful promises made for rest of your lives. Even a couple photoshoot or selfies is a good idea this day.

Promise Day 2017 Valentine Week Valentine Day

Hug Day

Whatever little was left the previous day on promise day make sure to complete it on Hug Day. Surprise your love through surprise hugs and seal the bond of love forever. Hug day is the perfect time to get cozy with your loved one or even catch up with friends. Catching up over a cup of coffee and hugging your partner at the end of the day is a great hug day idea.

Hug Day 2017 Valentine Day 2017

Kiss Day

The kiss day is the sixth day of the valentine week . Kissing enthralls mind and soul. The couple kiss each other this day to express their love and affection. Kissing on the forehead represents how much you care for a person while kissing on the hand shows your adoration. Kiss day idea can simply be taking your valentine for a long drive and then kissing him or her in the open away from the crowd and just wish ‘Happy Kiss Day’. After all kiss day ends the valentine week.

Kiss Day 2017 Valentine Week Valentine Day

Valentine Day

Saint Valentine’s day is celebrated as valentine’s day in the contemporary world. Though the tradition of sending paper cards,bouquet,flowers and other love gifts are going on since 19th century. The tradition of sending cards in this day to the loved ones became so popular in England that time that they had to start assembling cards in factories. And it’s a great idea actually. Pampering someone a little more and flaunt your affection some more to your boyfriend or husband and vice versa actually capable of spreading smiles and fill hearts with warmth.

Make sure to celebrate this Valentine Day in the most special manner.

Valentine Day 2017 Valentine week 2017 Valentine day card


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