Rules of first date

First Date? Oopss ‘ nerve wrecking’ oh boy I am so with you. It is just like a lottery but trust me it’s not the first date which is difficult but getting that second date is a challenge. My list is exclusively for those super cool dudes who are looking forward for a relationship with their first date and just not overwhelmed with the achievement of their first date. As guys are more logical and less analytical (Hehe), I have made a crisp list of Dos and Don’ts on your first date which promises you your second date so that even if you are sweating out waiting there for her, rushing towards the date place or just getting ready you can simply go through this list and feel all confident back again. I start with Don’ts firstly.

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Don’t use too much of perfume or deodorants. Just a hint would do.

Don’t wear your most expensive clothes on your first date definitely not your suits.

Don’t try to use that hair gel which makes you look like a bathed monkey. Even if you can’t do without that gel, be sensible while using it.


Never ever I repeat never ever laden your self with all those gold chains and silver bracelets which your mom had made for you in ‘Bhaiya ki Shaadi’. It is such a turn off!

You don’t need to borrow the most expensive car or a Ducati for your first date. If you owe it then okay.

Don’t take her somewhere super expensive.

Don’t expect her to pay and also don’t go dutch too.

Don’t overinvest like you really don’t need to lit those 200 candles or make a flower carpet . It just make women uncomfortable.

Don’t grill her. Remember it’s a date, not some job interview.

Don’t talk about your past. If you are still so hooked up what are you doing here?

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Don’t just don’t argue about facts, logic or datas. Surrender before her highness!

Don’t brag about yourself. Let her discover you her way. She will eventually. Don’t worry.

Don’t portray yourself a negative person. Like really you want to cry out loud that how much this country sucks or how system is corrupt on your first date?

Don’t try to be over humourous.

And yes never ever talk about sex, marriage or children in your first date itself. It will be suicidal.


Greet her with flowers. Flowers are perfect, nothing can go wrong with it. Until she’s allergic to it off course!

Pay attention to her dressing sense and compliment her. There would be something good about her, her hairs, her shoes her dress or anything…Just compliment!

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Put some extra efforts like gift her the flowers which are her favorite or may be a single flower in her favorite ccolor

Be creative. Like how about a bunch of her favorite chocolates if she is a chocolate lover or may be some soulful sufi qawwali if she is into music. Your imagination is your key.

Don’t be stereotypical. So okay dinners and movies are general ideas but then who wants to be among the common crowd of her suitors? Take her for a stroll, a fun place like bowling or golfing etc. May be an aquarium or art house.

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Be polite and not pushy.

Choose a date place which allows you to chat and mingle and there is no outsourcing of entertainment. So movies or dinner are actually a bad idea. Infact coffee is better.

You might hate this but meeting a girl at a shopping arcade is always a good idea. She ll always be in good mood. I know dear, so much for love!

Check the whether forecast and choose the place accordingly. What’s the use of all those apps in your smart phone.

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Introduce your date to some activities they like.

Be curious about her. Listen!

Don’t show your aggression even for a second. Control it! You can always beat her Ex later!

Smile frequently and watch your body language.

Act confident, interested, engaged, self-assured, ambitious, and happy. No matter you are a drug addict in your real life. Potray!

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Express your feelings towards her but limit it to likness only. I love you is a complete no- no on the first date itself.

Your vehicle, your clothes and most importantly your shoes should be clean.

Maintain a frequent eye contact. It’s must.

Do something unusual and cheap at the end.

End the night with a kiss and I know this is the only point that makes sense to you but don’t be so happy. First kisses should be on forehead or hands. You choose!

So, good luck guys! May you win over that girl of your dreams. And it is totally worth trying!

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