Jisha Murder Case: A simple girl perception

I normally don’t like to write about sad topics but this one is making me really really sad! I think pouring my heart out is the best way to overcome this sadness. By the way Who is Jisha? Girls are raped and murdered like every 45 minutes in the country and nobody bothers than why all of sudden Media is taking so much interest and Political parties are trying their best to show off that they care about it. What is so unique about her? Well there are many reasons which make this topic a very sensitive and high profit reaping case to few people (and mostly these are political leaders or businessmen who are benefited out of every sad thing in the country! No offence to anyone , this is just my personal opinion.) So whenever something happens to make it a news and to spread it among common people like us lot of money is spend and various different hidden lobbies work. So these forces work their ass off when the reward is high! So again what is so good about Jisha?


Isn’t she was another nameless, faceless common girl just like us. And except her parents nobody bothered about her just some days back when she was alive and had few dreams in her eyes?


Well Jisha was a 30 year old indian woman who was pursuing her Law (infact her exams were going on!) and resided in a small village named  ‘Perumbavur’ in God’s own country that is Kerala. She was living with her mom in and they lived in a  shanty built over a two-cent ‘Purambokku’ land on the banks of a local canal. The two-room house didn’t even have a bathroom and they used a polythene- covered temporary bathroom. So they were just not the people (yes women are also people!) with humble means but straight forwardly they were extremely poor. Now they were facing a social boycott because her elder sister eloped with someone not from their cast. Now what makes this case important is her caste (and I am not going to mention that, they just belonged to a caste which is frequently used by some really nasty people to reap rewards but at the end of the day nobody cares!) So that made them eligible to face social boycott in the locality. It was so harsh that none in the village was talking to them and they were not even allowed to draw water from the well.

Now another angle which makes it important is that of ‘migrant people’ or more specifically ‘migrant labourers’ because it’s election time in Kerala soon and locals just hate migrant so so much and every single problem or crime is blanketed over them. Though they forget that this huge number of migrant people don’t come to steal their jobs but to fill that vacuum which is created in Kerala because ‘Malayalis’ themselves choose to be migrant workers in gulf countries. So today not a single place is operated without their help and eventually the population is estimated to be around 30 lakhs and even five kilometres from Jisha’s village is Perumbavoor, a town known as “mini north India” with almost lakhs of labourer. So it makes it a very lucrative case for political parties to exploit people sentiments.


Now this woman Jisha  was found dead by her mother when she got back home. She was brutally stabbed and parts of her intestines had been removed using something sharp and she had a serious head injury. The law student’s lifeless body showed signs that she’d been strangled, tortured and sexually assaulted, before she died. Now try to visualise this with your closed eyes. Can you do that? Well I know you just can’t like your mind have rebuked you that “shut up now don’t make me visualise how intestines can be removed that they all come bulging out. I still can think of rape for you sake.

How brutal! How Insane! How disgusting! How heinous!

I don’t think any person with a normal mind set can do that even if he is filled with all the hatred in the world. So after four days after the incident when her mom begged every place she can beg her case was registered not because she belonged to a caste but because nobody in their locality bothered to come forward as it is just not possible that somebody entered and took at least one hour or more to challenge the ‘Satan’at their little house surrounded by five other houses and nobody noticed. But after  #Justice for Jisha on social media people awakened. Two migrant labourers are detained


Well entire Kerala is shouting against migrant problem again and the rest of the world that how this caste is treated but nobody is saying that it is such a stigma that can happen to anyone anywhere in the world (haven’t we heard of nirbhaya case she was from upper caste if that matters so much, some russian diplomats , villagers, town dwellers, medical students, illiterate minor girls and many other) and such people don’t belong to any caste, creed or section of society, they are just born sick, raised sick and treated sick. So one should basically try to remove those things like poverty or illiteracy which create such people than labelling it as a caste based problem by a section of people who are already hated there.


Fr PA Chacko of the ‘Jesuits in Social Action’, who has been working for the welfare of migrants in Kerala. He said in a 2014 article, “If one or two labourers are caught for some alleged criminal acts, we tend to put blanket blame on all by broadcasting that all these migrant workers are criminal elements. We forget that this God’s own country has thousands of local people incarcerated for alleged crimes. That does not mean all Malayalees are criminals. We extract the energy of these ‘Bais’ as our ‘pound of flesh’. But when it comes to treating them as human persons, who contribute to our wealth creation, should we not honestly acknowledge their contribution and treat them with fair mindedness and human respect?”


So I guess the justice should be seeked those dogs should be hanged after getting torchured in the same manner but please don’t play politics over such issues which is prevalent in the society and we should try to change our perception at such cases and focus our energies to remove social evils effectively than creating more problem. And what more I have written all of it and still not feeling better! But may be publishing it will help presenting the correct picture and inspire at least one person.

PS- and yes assholes stop using her picture and real name on public forums!



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