The first post

So… Tadaaaa! Here comes my first post. Well, I know there is nothing very special about MY first post on wordpress (like it’s not the first post by Princess Charlotte of Cambridge which will go down in the pages of history) but still We as species and individuals can find happiness anywhere and anytime. And that’s perfectly okay that we are not blessed to be born as Royals! But we do have our little special days occasionally to make us feel very royal (yeah right! Birthdays, anniversaries to name a few)

So folks! I declare this day and this post my royal entry to this breathtaking insane world of  very crazy and imaginative people(just like me!).

And ..So it starts!!



17 thoughts on “The first post

  1. I have yet to meet you . In fact I have not met a single reader of my Book ( 4000 plus followers ) @Rajivbakshi52 on Twitter . Do message when you order . But no DM please 🙂 baby !


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