Rajiv Bakshi: An author and an retired man!

Well can you fall for a book? A book which is so ‘old school’ yet so fresh! A book which is just not one story but a collection of stories which covers the ages of Nokia 3310 phones, Tulsi -Mihir Saga (yeah! the young Smriti Irani), Samjhauta Express (okay, Cool!) and lot more! Yes I am totally in love with “Journey from Guwahati to Macchiwara” written by Rajiv Bakshi.

There are love stories across borders (actually, between arch enemies!), hubby-wify lovey shovey stuffs, siblings and what not! All those topics which are just part of our daily lives and the stories which would love to read as a family and share the similarities .

The story begins from Guwahati where the author starts working in a bank as 24 year old hunk ( well, this was not what cool dudes were referred those days…but still!) . It is actually the compilation of a journey that twenty four year old dude who turns sixty eventually takes and collect everything which life has to offer him( including how he was beaten once.)

The book has the scenic beauties of Guwahati, heavenliness of Shillong and ultimately Chaos of Macchiwara’ And man there are pictures too, now this adds that vintage touch.

Man ! I like this name ‘Macchiwara’ sound cool to me….one more time ‘Machhiwaraaaa’ yoo!

I was referred to this book by a friend who is also a blogger(wrote so many good things about the book in her post which I din’t take notice that time) and I was not intending to buy it too but then luck brought me to ‘Cross words’ and I ended up buying it after the personal recommendation of the owner there.

What nobel job he just did! Providing me the much needed break from those Chetan Bhagats or Durjoy Dutta types! (Ouchh!) And introducing me to that fresh air which can only be blown through the windows of ages and experiences.

It is a kind of book which I can discuss with my dad and impress him. Then any guy can discuss it with his girlfriend and plan his future with her (yeah she ll be assured you are serious types!). Trust me this is one of those kinds of book that has to be bought and showcased in your book rack just to flaunt your classiness. 😉

P.S.— I will reveal a secret  soon about this book! Stay tuned


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