Emergency in India: Through pictures

First of all, just because I am writing this doesn’t mrean I am a Sanghi or a supporter of Nehru Dynasty Rule. I don’t support BJP or Congress or any other party.Once upon a time I liked Kejriwal but now he is the worst of all.In fact I have never voted in my life yet( I know not something to be proud off) just because politics in our country disappoint me and I can’t relate to it. It’s just as a citizen of this great great country I feel that we all who take freedom for granted should know that such things are possible in a democratic country like us. And before putting on faith and blindly supporting anyone we should always remember our history.So (re) publishing some of the pictures for the younger lot who never took interest! “Emergency?…Whatt?? So uncool? What’s it? Never heard anyone putting an update about it on Facebook…”Well take a look at the pictures and you might be curious about a very important part of our history which is never taught in your school!

George Fernandes during emergency
Proclamation of emergency signed by then president Fakrudin Ali Ahmad


Raghu Rai’s photograph of protesters shielding political activist Jayaprakash Narayan from a lathicharge


DOCTORINE OF BASIC STRUCTURE: The Judiciary curtailed autocratic politics by striking down Article 329A during the Emergency. Picture shows Jayaprakash Narayan leading a protest against the Emergency.


A few days before the Emergency was declared, Jayaprakash Narayan led an anti-government rally in Patna. He was arrested after the rally | Raghu Rai | The Week


JP, Raj narayan , desai , Chran shingh , Atal bihari vajpayee, Advani and other leaders were immediately arrested . RSS was banned that time


One very interesting picture during emergency: Narendra Modi with Lal Krishna Advani


1976, Sanjay Gandhi initiated a widespread compulsory sterilization program to limit population growth. men-register-their-names-for-vasectomy-at-dujana-house-family-planning-clinic-in-old-delhi-6-sep-1976


All news articles had to be sent to the Govt for approval before publishing it the next day during emergency: A cartoon on her


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maharani gayatri devi was also arrested
Indira and rest of the family after trial over Emergency time atrocities
Veteran Janata Party leader Acharya J B Kripalani (3rd from left) announces the name of Morarji Desai as the leader of Janata Party in Parliament, during a meeting in presence of C B Gupta, Jai Prakash Narain, Morarji Desai and Atal Bihari Vajpayee, in New Delhi


Anything is possible anyday. So just try not to support things just out of your own selfishness. Research well before hashtagging anything on twitter. Freedom is above all. Hail India! Hail Freedom



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  1. And i too was a big fan of Kejriwal ji when he started. I still respect him and his wife more than him for her support to him in his real days of fights .. How I wish he wouldn’t have changed his ideology.. A good writeup and wonderful information.. Cool

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