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I saw this movie ‘Avtaar’ not that I watch these uncool movies…No, Nope! Seriously I am not that type and only watch Gerard Butler and his movies! Though the basic theme of Avtaar and Geru’s (yeah! Tas how I like calling Gerard Butler you dumb freakin’ A**) ugly truth has the same essence!

Like Avatar was all about how ‘Rajesh Khanna’ and ‘Shabana Azmi’s sons are ungrateful and leave him and his wife to fend for themselves. However, he reaches new heights of success and right then Karma birch bit their sons and they came back pleadingly.

Then ugly truth featured ‘Gerard Butler’ a male  chauvinistic T.V producer whose only job is to desperately prove the point that love does not exists and what happens?? He ultimately falls in love with the most inappropriate and  so not his type of girl Katherine Heigl’

Karma is a bitch man! It surely is! You will get what you give! What goes around comes around! Sweet revenge! Haha!

Movies are just the part of society. They show what people belives in. It is just not the movies but also the reality of this world. Karma is that bitch which bites you at most unlikely places right at the time when you least expect it and man! It bites you real harsh.

I remember two incidents which actually made me realise the fierce power Karma possess!


There was a classmate of mine. Let’s call him Ramesh as I don’t want to reveal his real identity (yeah, well.. I am a good girl. Yey!). So he was like teacher’s pet. You can visualize him exactly like ‘Chatur Silencer Ramalingam’ of 3 idiots, it’s just not a character in a movie but such people do exist in real world. And yeah, he was brilliant like always the topper of his class or clan. His parents had high hopes and our teachers took great pride in introducing him to all the V.V.I.Ps whoever visited our college that time. But he was mean, he would never help any of us. he will hang out with us whenever he will feel like, eat, crack jokes and all the other normal stuffs but whenever the exams would approach or anything which is academically involved would roll in he will bear that ‘do not ask me or I will kill you’ looks and refuse to recognise any lost underconfident souls whose only struggle would be just to pass in the exams. He was nasty, really nasty. It hurts among your own peers. He even made few of us cry too, just by making us realise our neediness and incompetence that surrounded us.Can you believe after four smooth years of college where getting placed into  even Forbes 500 companies never crossed our minds (courtesy our poor report cards!) and he was already assumed placed into ‘Microsoft’ he could not even be placed in a single MNC and also he is still not doing much great professionally. Though few out of our below average group actually made it to those Forbes top 10 companies and rest all of us are doing great too infact really really great in life.

He met with an horrible accident at Day 0 of placement times and could not made it to the interviews and by the time he was actually well he was neither a fresher nor even experienced. Such is the small world! I know harsh! I don’t derive that sadistic pleasure out of his miseries in fact it feels sad somewhere as he was deserving. 

Second incident is actually about me. I was just in college and I had just started dating with an army guy whom I found really sweet and kind of liked him. Nothing very serious but it has just started and it would have turned into some serious relationship if my room-mate and ‘the then my best friend’ would not have come into my way. She would always criticise him and force me not to talk to him stating that he is not a good guy etc. And one day she actually asked me for his number that she will check him for me and then she will be assured of my safety or watever sisterly concerns she had for me (as she portrayed).She blank called him and tried sweet talking but he did not responded and then she said that okay ,he is a good guy. Go on. etc. Few days were good enough but very soon my then boyfriend started ignoring me and eventually we broke off. She even consoled me and wiped those litres of tears. After first semester our room mates got changed and she shifted to the second floors and kind of started ignoring me too. And then one day they posted their couple pictures together on Facebook. It was kind of hurting! It felt wrong, bad which eventually resulted in swollen eyes, empty heart, loss of weight(though that was the good part),bunking classes for weeks. But Soon I realised they were not worth it and I moved on very smoothly. I guess you get that strength when you are true to yourself to do that right thing!

After one year I got the news that she is admitted into hospital, college has rusticated her and his boyfriend is in jail. We got to know that this army guy was a big drunkard and was into too much drugs. He was also a womaniser. He forced her into drugs and made her dependent on it.And once she was all in his grip he would also physically abuse her and use her the way he wanted. Sad! I still feel bad about it. I am confused too, that it was because she hurt me and broke my trust without any reasons or she just saved me.

I realised Karma has no menu you get what you ordered for yourself! Karma is just that energy which is neither created nor destroyed (it’s real physics dude.) it moves but eventually it will return to you. Sometimes we feel exhausted doing all those good things to bad people and wonder where is this Good Karma paycheck lost in the way? But my journey till now have taught me that being human means that you will face hardship, obstacles and difficulties. That’s how human’s or any living species are suppose to lead their lives but your good Karma provide you easy escapes and your bad Karma escalates the problems in your life. No exceptions!

That unexpected help from that unknown stranger, Those little things which brighten your day some more, your good luck are all your good Karma which you did someday to someone and just forgot.

That unexpected loss, your broken new I phone 6 (it hurts ! right?) the flood, the earthquake, the tsunami are all your bad Karma. Like you cut trees everyday, force wars over the world, do those nuclear missiles experiments, kill innocent people and you expect nature is never gonna hit you back? Oh! Man wake up. All those things for which we blame the worlds and gods are own actions with equal reactions a.k.a ‘Karma’.

Remember Karma never loses an address! It will find you and bite you right at your lousy ass. So keep scr**n things only if you want be Scr**d.Else be nice to the people if you want the world to shower it’s niceness on you. It’s all about choices. Make the right ones sweeties.

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