Navratri dates 2016

This shardiya navratri 2016 is special. As this year the navratras would be commenced for 10 days than 9 days. And this type of special Navratras are happening after 16 years and last time such thing happened in the year 2000. So the Dussehra would be celebrated on the 11th day unlike 10th day. It is because the ‘duj thithi’ is happening twice during Navratras. So this one of the biggest festival of India where we celebrate the victory of good over evil where we worship goddess Durga and keep fasts and sing hymns during that period. Here are some information regarding dates, goddess on respective days for the devotees.


  1. October 1 ————Shailputri Puja

  2. October 2————- Shailputri Puja

  3. October 3 (dwitiya)——- Brahmacharini Puja

  4. October 4 (tritiya)——– Chandraghanta Puja

  5. October 5 (chaturthi)——- Kushmanda puja

  6. October 6 (panchami)——- Skandamata puja

  7. October 7 (Shasti)———- Katyayani Puja

  8. October 8 ( Saptami)———Kalaratri Puja

  9. October 9 ( maha ashtami)——- Mahagauri, Saraswati, Durga maha ashtami Puja

  10. October 10 ( Navami) ———- Siddhidatri, Maha Navami, Ayudha Puja, Navami Homa

  11. October 11 (Dashami or Dussehra)— Navratri parana, Durga Visarjan and Vijayadashmi 

Gupt Navratri 2017

Ashada navratri is celebrated during the month of june or july in which Goddess Varahi and Goddess Gayatri are worshipped. The dates for the next Gupt Navratri would be

 June 24, 2017 to July 2, 2017

“Paush Navratri” is celebrated only for eight days in the month of December or January. It is started on Paush Shukla Ashtami and celebrated till Paush Purnima. This navratri is dedicated to goddess Shakambari. Shakambari navratri is popular in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka and in some other parts of India.

Paush Navratri 2017

It is mostly celebrated in december or january. Starts on Paush Shukla and ends by Paush Purnima. The main goddess is Devi Shakambari. It is mostly famous in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, karnataka and some other parts in india. The dates are

January 17, 2017 to January 24, 2017

Magh Navratri 2017 

It is also known as Gupta navaratri and mainly observed in Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. It is celebrated in the month of January or February. And the dates for next magh navratri are

January 28, 2017 to February 5, 2017

So stay tuned for more Durga Puja updates and hope these dates help you a bit. For reading the significance,mythology,legends and puja process of Navratri follow the link

navratri significance and mythology

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