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Do women get offended if we check them out?

Haha.very very honest question..and being a woman and having loads of girlfriends and many many incidents faced or witnessed I can tell you that it depends from a girl to another girl.

Like some may mind to death like “oh my god, oh my God.. He must be a stalker let’s call the police”

Some may mind a bit with ‘’oh gosh,another pervert’ followed by some nasty stares back to you.

Some give a damn. ‘’yeah,okay! Keep on checking. Who gives a F***

Some may be like ‘’wow!another admirer! I am so hot’

Some may be like “oh my god mumy someone is checking me out what do do”

Some may be “oh come on dude,I can do this to you too”

So you see it depends upon girl to girl. So first try to analyse the psych and trust me you can totally do it….but never ever check a girl accompanied by a brother friend husband dad or i mean any male companion just to be on the safer side.

And all the best

Go check every girl on the planet. All beautiful things are meant to attract the livings.

No big deal. All fun! Yeyy

 How is the average day of a young Indian Army officer?

Young Army officers! Well I guess you mean by lieutenants and captains! Well after four years of rigorous training during their cadet days they feel so liberated and enjoy those command they now hold over Jawans and JCO. I have heard many of my friends who are serving in Army that it really take them some time to get use to all those salutes offered to them by a much older JCO. The officers are initially posted to critical areas like Siachen,north east etc where they lead men and hold some responsible positions. It is then hit them that what have been they molded into the Academy. How all that torture and training in the academy was soooo much required. They are no more ordinary. They are Army officers.

Secondly after one two year when they start getting peace postings they also realise the importance and role of army wives. Yes, it’s a ignored part but I am mentioning it just to tell you that it’s not like they go,fight and shoot everyday. And their average day comprises many things which they slowly and gradually learn to become a true army officers. The cantonments,the AWWA, the welfares are almost run alone by army wives and young officers are assigned to assist them.

Thirdly they are involved into lot of sports and young officers primarily represents their unit for various sports event and win them medal too. It is taken as great pride by the unit is any of their officers are winning some medals in those cross country races, tennis or squash tournament or may be polo or any other game (As almost every single game and their tournaments are held)

So now the average day is like they work in the office till 2–3 PM. gets back to mess and have their lunches(as they are mostly bachelors) and then participate into official sports tournaments if any. Or would simply go to gym,pool,tennis courts or etc basically they indulge into sports during their evening time. Then they would report to their CO and would work as assigned till 8 or 9PM. And they also attend all those numerous parties (official and non official) dining ins,Raising days,housewarmings etc on holidays they’ d go watch a movie or shop or may take their girl friends (if any) to coffee like any other normal person.

This is an average regular peaceful day/week.

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