‘Dear Zindagi’

‘Dear Zindagi’

I am so thankful for everything you have bestowed upon me…So generously! Whenever I look back and then turn again to where I am now, the feeling of love and gratitude fills me from head to toe. And why not? You have given me enough reasons to feel so. Be it my wonderful family,rocking friends,the roller coaster story of my life, lessons learnt and everything else that surround my life has made me bow before your magnanimity and beauty. 

I remember when the heartbreaks in my college which resulted in buckets of tears from my eyes made me wiser eventually and now no one can cheat me. The people whom I thought are never meant for my life have proved to be my guardian angels now. The friends whom I thought will never leave my side are far away now but only to make me realise that nothing in permanent in this universe and it liberated me from all those relationships which were tying me badly. That is life. Isn’t it? 

The worst decisions of my life have proved to be the best ones and the decisions which I thought are best have proved to be the worst. But then how interesting does it make to reopen the pages from your book again and again only to smile later. Sometimes when I thought there is nothing left in my life then right then you did something so unexpected miraculously and changed the story of my life forever for good. My plans never turned up well only to make me believe that your plans are way better than mine. You are mysterious. Very very mysterious! You have your own way to work upon the bestest plans for us but in your own little way. It’s a never ending fun to surrender before you and watch the best happening right before me.

My beloved zindagi not only you have filled me with endless sense of gratitude for everything you have given me but your beauty has made me admire you more and more. The  touch of first love, the high of my first job, the feeling of open adulation, the pride of my parents, the trust of my friends, the heavenly presence of true love and the ability to rise against all odds has made me realise that it all originates from your warmth only with which you surround me. It is priceless!

And what a world you have created around me, it astonishes me! The chirping of birds, the smile of a baby, the noise of my city, the glittering of street lights, the touch of the first rain, the touch of the chilly winters and warmth of the sun it all make me love you more and more all the while thinking about how lucky I am that you chose me to show me everything that you have to offer to me. The beauty of this world never stop mesmerising me and I can see it all because of you. You are so precious.

When I was at my lowest point during a heart break or when I lost my job you never left me and helped me fight that dark depression which was engulfing me with its darkness but you stood firmly and showed me the way to come out of the mess. I realised that it’s not the people that matter in life but the very essence of you in them makes them memorable. There is nothing without you Zindgi and you know that. Right? And that is why now I have learnt to give back to every other life around me whatever I can afford to! After all ,you unite us across the continents and make us more living. Certainly it makes you happy which in turn fills me with happiness. And I guess that is the basic purpose of creating all of us ‘To help other zindagis’ and make zindagi better to rise to a pedestal where only happiness can reach.

I just want to tell you that I feel really lucky that you chose me to bestow your affection and let me experience everything so beautiful that you have to offer to me. You are so precious and I love you so so much. Everything that make me feel, sense and enjoy is because of you. The sadness, the happiness, the failures, the success, the highs and the lows have all made me the person I am today proud, smiling and it is all because you never chose to leave my side. Thank you for that. Never leave me. Love!

Your’s truly




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  1. Dear zindagi , yours truly Swapnil… Stay blessed and happy truly with your zindagi swappy .. loads of love.. beautiful post and touched . Your post on karma is blocked for comments so I couldn’t comment there but I must say that is your best blog yet .. loved it very much amazing had goose bumps in some of the examples .. but as said all is well that ends well.. a post ending with good hope shows good karma .. I always believed in fate and my karm , karm karo fal jo mile usme santosh karo .. awesome it is..

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  2. Swapnil, It was so refreshing to read your letter to zindagi. All the experiences that life has given has made you wiser and more positive. Loved the idea of addressing a letter to ‘life’👍😍

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