Interview of an Indian army wife and an army brat


Here is a thrilling romance of an Indian Army officer and his Army girlfriend you must not miss. Do check it out here’s the link

Soldier’s Girl: Love Story of a Para-Commando (First)

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‘Mrs. Jaya Capoor’  A very pretty and dynamic lady who is third generation army kid and an army wife and currently her husband is commanding which means she is the first lady of her unit and that means if she will ask for a biscuit then some thousands of men would run, compete and fetch her that biscuit. (What? you took it seriously? Haha! But yeah, she definitely commands the respect of that much men and many more families who look up-to her for guidance, compassion and direction. What more! Know it the real life of an indian army wife by yourself.

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I am a third generation army kid. I am proud to be an infantryman’s daughter, an electronic engineer’s wife and daughter in law.I am an extrovert by nature, Shifting schools, travelling in special trains during regiment movement, driving tanks etc…is something very…

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