Kayaking adventure on paddles!

Kayaking in India is no new concept. It’s thrill,adventure,rejuvenation of soul,connection to nature and liberation of self all packed in one kind of experience. White water Kayaking is certainly the most popular kayaking in India. This great adventurous sport which involves paddling of a Kayak into a bubbly,frothy and rapid whitewater river. Gosh! Can you imagine it? The rushing adrenaline in your body which reciprocate your feelings when you have that adventure of a lifetime while sitting into that stand up paddle boats or SUP in a turbulent river. Must be an experience of a lifetime! Though if you ask a person like me who loves to go slow and easy then I rate even recreational kayaking equally good. All I will need would be some world class equipments on which I can rely my life upon! I mean come on It’s my life and I just can’t risk it at any cost.


So what if  say that madrasfuntools which is the India’s first and only equipment shop dedicated to whitewater and recreational kayaks, stand up paddle boards (SUP) and other high quality paddlin equipment in India. It brings the best of equipments from all around the globe from best of brands like Astral,HF etc to you and make it available easily to anyone who wants to pursue Kayaking in India.

So if you plan to buy SUP in India or buy kayak in India for white water kayaking India. or even if you plan to buy kayaks SUP in Bangalore then  madrasfuntools is the one stop web shop for you. This company is a team of three very dedicated kayaker who love this adventurous sport as much as you do and trying their best to let it grow in India and so it’s their endeavour to make kayaking equipment (which are very difficult to find here) easily available to passionate people in India who want to pursue this great spot of white water kayaking just like them. To that end Madras Fun Tools has established distributorship of Confluence Outdoors and other world renowned brands like Shred Ready etc.

So keep no doubts in mind and if you are looking forward to buy kayaks, SUPs and any other paddling equipment in India then look no further and just log on to


and a start a journey filled with all sort of adventure meant just for you!



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  1. Thrilling adventure. Beside the tools I guess one need to be physically fit to enjoy such a sport.


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