Catching up on lost growth!

So what is that first feeling that comes to the new born parents of a new born child ‘ Oh, one day my baby is going to be big and strong’

That is our ambition with our kids and later comes him/her being doctor, engineer or scientist. But how do we define being ‘Big and Strong’? There’s a common term which represents it collectively termed as ‘Physical Growth!’ 

Physical growth vs Lost growth

Physical Growth refers to the increases in height and weight and other body changes that occur as a child matures. Now growth is a very individual thing and varies from one child to another but yeah, there are few milestone which should be watched over just to make sure that the child is not lagging behind from other kids of his age. And right here we talk about ‘lost growth’. Well have you ever wondered why the classmates of your child are looking taller and stronger than your own child? And somehow his performance in academics and sports is also lagging behind! It’s time to rethink your child’s diet plan and his catching up with the whole world.

How growth is affected

Well, our body is totally depended on proteins for growth which eventually break down to amino acids and there are different types of amino acids for different functions like for hair growth, for height, for weight, for neurons to function properly and right kind of hormones for overall functioning, we all need protein and that is the secret behind our moms emphasising for eating that extra katori of daal, rajma or extra slice of cheese. But do we take that enough quantity and quality of nutrition which our body requires for its proper growth and development? Leave kids, we as an adult rarely watch over our nutrition and diet. Then do you think our kids would be taking enough of nutrition and balanced diet?

Nutritional supplement

As per FDA ‘A dietary supplement is a product intended for ingestion that contains a “dietary ingredient” intended to add further nutritional value to (supplement) the diet. A “dietary ingredient” may be one, or any combination, of the following substances: a vitamin. a mineral. an herb or other botanical’. Basically something nourishing which does not replaces your food but at the same time provide you with much needed vitamins and minerals for balanced growth. 

A perfect Nutritional supplement: HORLICKS GROWTH +

Here enters a champion, a brand name which have been trusted by generations with their kids ‘ Our Very Own Horlicks’ (yeyyy!) and what have they in store for us this time. Yes, a revolutionary nutritional supplement ‘Horlicks Growth+’ especially designed for the children in the age group of 3- 9 years who falls behind growth with normal height and weight from the kids of same age group. It contains protein, iron, zinc, phosphorus and what not!


How Horlicks Growth + helps

This unique and clincally proven health drink is not only tasty but also provide essential amino acids and immunity boosting nutrients like vit A, C and D.It also contains high quantity of whey protein and it is also availble in ‘creamy choclate’ and ‘smooth vanilla’ flavours which can be enjoyed both hot or cold.

Now can anyone imagine a better health drink with such balanced amount of nutrition sealed with universal adorable tastes of chocolates and vanilla? Do you think that your child would not enjoy such drink? 

One more thing

By the way do consult a doctor before introducing anything new because as I said growth is a very individual thing and your pediatrician is the best person to tell you whether your kid is lagging behind or his height/ weight criterias are just not upto the mark. You can also track the BMI (body mass index) of your kid to determine whether it’s proper or not.

At last what are you waiting for? Go and try this one health drink for sure if you do care for your child.


Love and best wishes

May all kids on this planet grown healthily and happily.


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