Ten reasons to watch Kabali!

The baap of all the entertainment is back. The legend, whose movies are more than movies! Celebration, Excitement, Emotion, Festival, Fan mania,Hysteria and Fever!  His movies are booked in advance and holidays are declared to watch his movies. His every move goes viral.Yes, we are talking about Rajini! Southies just worship him but aren’t we all his fan? You don’t need reasons to watch his movies but still if you ask here goes nothing.

  1. The legend is back. You just can’t miss his movie. It’s Rajini dude!
  2. His movies offer beyond Khans. And off course prove better.
  3. The supporting cast is superb especially Radhika Apte who plays her wife Kumudavalli.
  4. Movie is different from typical Rajini movies and treatment is different. So no typical comic gags and Rajini cliche. Also he plays his age, no dying nothing.
  5. The young director Pa Ranjith brings out a Rajini which no one ever did. 
  6. Typical Rajini movie music director A.R. Rahman is replaced by young Santhosh Narayanan and ‘Neruppa da’ is already a chartbuster. Fresh music!
  7. The trailer promises lot of new Rajini dance moves. Be sure to see these dance moves copied for next two years or till his next movie comes.
  8. Story is about a retired lungi clad Tamil gangster in Malaysia who fights for equal pay rights of Tamilian. Sounds interesting!
  9. It earned 250 crore on day one of its release and became highest movie grosser ever. It earned 100 cr. alone in Tamil Nadu. Gosh! They actually love him.
  10. Last but not the least you don’t want to miss all that social media action and skip the viral hashtags. Be updated!


Dude, Kabali was released in approximately 8000-10000 screens all over the world, which includes 480 screens in the US, 490 in Malaysia and above 500 in Gulf countries. The film has also released in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, South Africa and Nigeria. Well that’s the stat.

Though still if you are planning to miss this one then God bless you.

And here is the hindi trailer of Kabali

Kabali hindi trailer


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  1. Kindly check my review of the movie from a Tamizhan point of view because the plot is mostly lost in the translation more so in this movie.. URL: magizhchi.org

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