jabalpur tourist spots waterfalls

Jabalpur Dhuandhar waterfalls things to do

Dhuandhar Falls also known as ‘smoke cascade’ are the most popular and most visited tourist place of Jabalpur. . The hustling bustling of waves over marble rocks and stones totally ignores the mere presence of insignificant mortals who gather there to appreciate the picturesque beauty and majestic ambience of ‘Dhuandhar Falls’ and indulge themselves later in the Marble shopping at the banks The Jabalpur Dhuandhar Falls are ranked one among top ten tourist spots of Jabalpur.


How to reach

It is about 30.5 Km from Jabalpur city towards west and is well connected through Bhedaghat road. You can easily hire a cab or any local transportation to reach there.

And here is the link to how to reach Jabalpur which has many other tourist spots like bargi dam,bhedaghat,rani durgavati museum,Kanha national park, bandhavgarh national park etc.

how to reach jabalpur

jabalpur tourist spots waterfalls

Where to Stay/ Accommodation

There are many hotels which cater to all budget categories at Bhedaghat which is at a distance of 5 minutes from Dhuandhar falls. But I feel the best is Motel Marble Rocks by MP government which is just behind the Bhedaghat falls which are another tourist spot of the area.


jabalpur tourist spots waterfalls

Where To Eat

There are many eateries just at the parking area of Dhuandhar waterfalls but if you are hygiene conscious and like to eat really neat then better carry your own food or ask the hotel people to pack your food as it is a good picnic spot too. The place offer small roadside ramshackles kind eating experience. Though you can enjoy tea, cold drink and chips too. Mineral water is available.

jabalpur tourist spots waterfall


What to do/ Attractions at Bhedaghat

The narmada ropeway experience  is a must. Though you can always reach the banks of Dhuandhar fall through stairs and other way but the gondola rides over the Narmada river is one of a kind experience and also saves time. You blink your eye and you are at the other side. The tickets are nominal too. Make sure to do the tickets for both the sides at once if you plan to return through ropeway again.

jabalpur tourist spot waterfalls



The Dhuandhar waterfalls are magnificent and no matter how scorchy the whether is you will always find it pleasant near the waterfalls. The view is spectacular and is crowded with tourists at any season. You can also find some places where you can easily sit on the rocks and soak your feet into the water for some really long time. jabalpur tourist spots waterfalls


Boat rides are offered too but it is suspended at this time of the season due to strong currents now. Though it is offered from November to may most probably.


Narmada is among one of the five holy rivers in India and a dip into the water is considered to wash away the sins.So make sure to touch the waters at least! You can easily take a dip at the river bank upstream though where the water is less.

jabalpur tourists spots waterfall

Shopping in Jabalpur

Shopping in Jabalpur is incomplete if you don’t shop at Bhedaghat. You get some amazing marble vases,lamp shades,paintings and other things made up of marble from Narmada Marble rocks itself.Don’t forget to order your customised nameplate before heading to the Dhuandhar falls and by the time you will get back it’ ll be ready. And it is amazing and pretty cheap too.

jabalpur tourist spots waterfall

Useful Tips

  • Don’t forget to take your cap and shades.
  • Better take your own munchies and water with you.
  • There are no ATMs around and no credit cards.
  • Carry plenty of cash with you .
  • Visit Bhedaghat first and try to have your food there only and then head to Dhuandhar falls.
  • Carry baby food,milk,water,diaper etc with you if you have a baby with you.
  • Bargain hard with the marble sellers there. 

jabalpur tourist spots waterfalls




There is nothing like you seeing the magnanimity of nature through your bare eyes. The experience of seeing the huge waves, roaming around the viewpoints, clicking photographs which are never ending while laughing hard with your friends and family or simply sitting quietly at the rocks while enjoying the nature’s tranquility. This experience is simply priceless. jabalpur tourist spots waterfalls



Picture credits : All thanks to Nirban Vaibhav for the wonderful clicks. I really don’t know how this beautiful fall visit would have been justified without his amazing clicks and company.

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