All about Soaps which might save you from skin problems

In India soaps are included more into grocery list than cosmetics and toiletries ones. Most soaps in India range from Rs10 to Rs 50. We have soaps for every skin problem from skin whitening to blemishes to reduce marks to age spots. Soaps for dry skin,soaps for oily skin and then we have soaps like Dove cream Bar, Pears glycerin soap or Lux star soaps.

And we use it as a very granted part of our beauty regime!

We don’t’ realise that a good soap has potential to solve half of our skin problems, if only we don’t blindly follow the TV ads and be aware of our skin types and its requirements. We need to be sensitive about our skin also because once you are prone to skin problems it takes a very long time to go. And trust me you will never have skin problems if you will be conscious of your toiletries that basically includes your soaps and shampoos.

Why soap?

There are many Indian  people out there who believe in using natural home remedies for their bathing rituals which is good occasionally but there are no alternative of a soap or shower gel for regular use. Why? Because the basic purpose of soaps are to remove dirt,debris and oil from skin. The home based remedies can never compete with these specialised cleansing tools. Plus soaps are very handy to use!

Still there are many people who complain about dry skin,acne or other problems originated by using soaps. They don’t even realise that they haven’t been able to find right  kind of soap for their sensitive skin.

best soap in India soap for dry skin soap for oily skin which soap to use soap in India

Soap vs Shower Gel

Soaps are for people in rush or someone who plays a lot and prone to dirt,sweat etcetera more than the others. And shower gels are for people who have sensitive skin and prone to eczema or dryness. Basically shower gels are milder than the soaps because they consist of SLS than the Lye of a bar soap.

What to use soap or shower gels

One line! Shower gels are for dry skin people and soaps are for oily skin people. Infact oily skin people have upper hand in using any type of soap because most soap strip off the skin with its natural oil along with dirt and bacteria.

Some tips for dry skin people

  • Dry skin people should use beautifying soap or simply the soaps written moisturizing over them.
  • Always apply moisturiser instantly after bathing it will replenish the lost oil.
  • Longer the bathing ritual more natural oils are lost responsible for glow of the skin.
  • Use soap instead of shower gels if you have an active life and prone to sweat more often.
  • Avoid lathery soap. Lather doesn’t guarantee cleansing in fact opposite of it.

Sensitive Skin People

Just use colourless, fragrance less and lather less soaps like Aveeno, Cetaphil or Pears etc.

best soap in India soap for dry skin soap for oily skin which soap to use soap in India

Some magnificent soaps better than shower gels

Lush is the undisputed soap king in the world Lush angel on the bare skin is really an angel by the way. But unfortunately Lush has stopped importing its product to India which was initially heartbreaking to me and took me some time to find its alternative.

L’occitane undisputedly capture the second position if we talk soaps and they have a range of various soaps costing from Rs 380 to around Rs 700 for a bar soap. The shea butter soaps in various fragrances like orange cinnamon or lavender L’occitane soaps are amazing.

Some of my personal collection

Goat Milk Soap

These are Australian Goat milk soaps which my brother brought for me. And I am so in love with these. They are local soaps and can be easily bought for any grocery shop there. It has highest quality premium oils and natural extracts like almond oil and fresh goat milk. The australian Goat soaps are lovely hydrating soaps with fragrance so out of the world. You will never wish to use anything else after it.

These two are shea butter and lavender goat milk soap.

best soap in India soap for dry skin soap for oily skin which soap to use soap in India

Kashmiri Saffron Soap

I bought these Raya Kashmiri Saffron soaps from one of my recent trips to Kashmir. Made up of rose water,glycerine and saffron extract, these are very effective soap and Ph is close to the skin which doesn’t let your skin dry. Though moisture application is advisable after it.

best soap in India soap for dry skin soap for oily skin which soap to use soap in India

Apart from it, I also use Khadi and FabIndia soaps in absence of any available option. Especially the almond and rose bar soaps. And if you still insist on some popular choice I think I’d go for Dove, Johnson baby Soap or Pears at the max if someday these luxury soaps vanish out of this planet.

soap to use soap for sensitive skin


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