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Nouns : Your local food circle

Being an Army wife comes with complications and that majorly involve leading a nomadic life from one corner of the country to another corner every two years. But the great thing is that I get to travel local places and taste vivid local cuisines all across the country. So I can proudly say that I am a global traveller within local boundaries.

army wife nouns food app online food local cuisinesThese days food is just not food, but more of swag. There are thousands of lifestyle TV channels that focus solely on food. Then there are magazines, newspapers or our very own social media platforms never skipping a chance to present sensational cooking and vivid cuisines before us all. There would not go by a day when we don’t see tempting pictures of gourmet food to local street food going viral on social media or a panel of food experts telling you the secret behind the most exquisite social food circle food app online delivery local food joints

Food is more than just that, it is a celebration of life. And do you know why? Because the best of all the cuisines are locally arriving at the diners from the nooks and corners of your own city. And that is what makes it special!

This local food is special because it not only holds the nostalgia of your roots and connects you with your own people, but is also the freshest and fastest.

Yes! This eating season-Let’s go local

And how do you do that? It’s tough to know every vendor in the city or even find the foodies of your own city who are looking for the local taste of that exotic Idlee-Vada which you make. It’s tough to connect with the right people most of the time. But then there are certain benefits of living in the technological era and we do have various useful apps around us to simplify our lives.

I personally use this wonderful food social app called Nouns!

army wife food social food circle food app online delivery local food jointsThis app is amazing. It acts as a link between food vendors and food lovers within the local boundaries. All you need to do is to download this app from the Google Playstore by simply typing Nouns food app on the playstore.

Then create a profile just like you do on Facebook or Instagram. Select your location and you are good to go. It will instantly provide you the feeds regarding your local food festivals, ratings from real foodies who have been to the restaurants and places around by themselves and much more.

And there’s more! The idea behind this app is to create the very own niche of a real food lover so you can also do your cooking, create your recipes, upload the pictures and invite your friends over dinner all through this app.

Practical benefits of associating with Nouns:

  • You get to spot the most popular food joints near you.
  • You can spread the word regarding your favorite food joint.
  • As a food entrepreneur you can connect with the type of foodies you are looking for.
  • You can share your food memories and ideas with another food lover just like you.
  • You can be aware of what’s going on the gastronomical front of your city easily.

And million things more!food social food circle food app online delivery local food jointsShare your food story and proudly put hashtags #foodsocial on Nouns and no one will get bored of seeing your food porn pictures unlike other social media channels because it is just not any app but a social circle of all the food lovers and celebration of everything about food.

The local boundaries have just grown global.

So what are you waiting for? Download it now!