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7 Women’s Fears Associated with Men

Sometimes to know what a woman is afraid of is much better than to know what she wants. This knowledge is especially valuable since most women’s fears are somehow connected with men. Every woman hears a lot of different stories told by her female friends, she accumulates that information and often relates it to herself and her relationship with a particular man. If that happened to her friend or her friend’s friend, then she’s not secure against that too. So, what do women fear most? Let’s find out.

He will cheat on her with her best friend

Or her sister/cousin. With someone she unconditionally trusted. If there is a hierarchy of men’s cheating, this type of cheating, featuring him and her close friend instead of simply wooing girls online (which is bad as well), will be the most horrible and unbearable. First of all, this is a double betrayal. Second, a woman will feel guilty that she herself introduced that person to her man and couldn’t even think she would regret it very much. The only thought about possible infidelity with her trusted friend gives every woman shivers down her spine.Spice Girls GIF


He will fail to show up for wedding

Everything will be ready for a ceremony – she will be wearing a white dress, her relatives and friends will be excitedly waiting for the beginning, a photographer will be there ready to shoot every moment of your beautiful wedding day. But the groom will not even show up. He’ll be on his way to the airport fleeing from the prospective commitment.Sad Broke Up GIF by Angie Tribeca

He will become permanently unemployed

She is ready to be with him through thick and thin. She is ready to support him in case he loses his job. But a thought that he may get used to the life of an unemployed knowing that she will provide for them both is quite daunting. She is afraid that he will become a couch potato and she’ll grow frustrated with him. One day she’ll look at him and won’t recognize the man she fell in love with.Unemployed Michael Caine GIF

He will doubt his fatherhood

“Is it really MY baby?”- the question that can drive a woman to despair. Throughout pregnancy, one of the most important periods of her life, she’ll have to prove to you that it’s your baby. This the most unreasonable fear of all, because women are afraid of this even if they don’t have sexual contact with some other man beside her partner or husband. Women just replay different scenarios in their heads, and this fear is the result of some stories heard from friends or seen in movies.Glitter Reason GIF

He will leave her while she’s pregnant

Among the worst moments to hear that he is leaving her, this is the worst of the worst. She trusted him, pictured a happy family, everything seemed fine, and suddenly he decides that he is not ready for such a great responsibility. It’s a hard blow for a woman to realize that is abandoned with her unborn baby. Every woman dreams about a full and happy family and she wants her man to dream about the same. Deep down, she is terrified of being left alone while expecting and face the fate of a single mother. That is why her man should not give her the slightest reason to doubt his fidelity and reliability.Season 2 Goodbye GIF by The Man in the High Castle

He thinks that she is stupid

Women are afraid that when their men say “my little silly girl” or “my charming fool” they really mean “what an idiot”. It’s very important for a woman to know that her man appreciates her for her intellect. She is afraid to let him down when he expects her to say something clever, and she just opens her mouth and says something stupid.P!NK GIF

One day he will not come back home

Again, the fear engendered by the books and films. A woman is afraid that her man will go out to buy some bread and cigarettes and never come home. The most disappointing part is that it will happen unexpectedly and her intuition won’t tell her anything.Waiting GIF

Do your best not to wake her fears up!