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8 Signs of an Emotionally Unavailable Woman

Psychology can give you many useful insights into human nature. This knowledge is extremely useful when dealing with people of the opposite sex and building romantic relationships with them. Women are mysterious creatures. But emotionally unavailable women are even more mysterious and complicated. If sometimes your girlfriend is as emotional as a store window dummy, probably she is an emotionally unavailable woman. You tried to figure out the reason for her coldness, but it was in vain. Before you start a serious relationship with this woman, you need to have a clear idea of what is ‘emotionally unavailable’ and how to deal with emotionally unavailable women.

Emotional unavailability is characterized by reticence, indifference, the unwillingness to talk about one’s feelings. Usually, it’s ascribed to men, because they are naturally more reserved. However, women can be emotionally unavailable too. How to recognize the lack of emotionality in your woman? Here are some tell-tale signs.

It’s difficult for her to express her feelings

Usually, all our insecurities and psychological problems form in our childhood. The roots of emotional unavailability can lie in the strict upbringing or be the result of some hurtful experience. So, don’t blame yourself for her coldness. Probably, you’ll be able to change her attitude. If you’re ready to help her become more open, continue this relationship.

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She isn’t eager to know everything about you

You’re trying to get to know her better. You ask questions about her interests, preferences, views on different aspects, but she almost always gives short answers and almost never asks in return. This one-way street can be quite frustrating. You want to feel that she is interested in you, but she shows zero interest – unlike most singles girls online. There can be two reasons. First, she really doesn’t care. Second, she restricts herself because she is afraid of emotional connection.

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She doesn’t want to be vulnerable

Her emotional detachment can be caused by fear. Some unsuccessful experience, the fear of falling in love, opening up and then being betrayed make her restrained. And it’s understandable, so give her some time. Most likely, you’ll establish mutual trust and she’ll reveal her true nature to you.

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She gets defensive

A woman gets defensive because she was very hurt in her previous relationship. Her aggression during an insignificant conflict and detachment during intimate moments can be the result of a trauma. If you want to help her rehabilitate, then be patient. But if your efforts don’t bring any results after a long time, she won’t change.

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This is her way to avoid conflict

Some people can’t stand any conflicts, so they close themselves and retreat. Their logic is simple: emotions only aggravate the conflict, so no emotions – no conflict. But particularly their emotional detachment can be the reason for an argument.

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She tends to blame others and avoid responsibility

In serious situations, she’ll be joking or putting the blame on others rather than admitting her fault. Sarcasm is her style of communication, and selfishness is her best friend. It’s very difficult to have a relationship with such person.

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She is manipulative and egoistic

She’s focused only on her interests and comfort. Making compromises is not for her. Even being in a relationship, she cares only about her happiness. She is a manipulator. You’ll make concessions without even realizing that you’re being manipulated.

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She wants sex, not a relationship

You meet with her literally just to have sex. She never calls or texts in between your dates. Most likely, she is not interested in a relationship with you. It requires building an emotional bond, and she is not ready for that.

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