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A heartfelt note of an Air Force Officer’s wife

 This is one of my poetry on armed forces that I happily share with the ones guarding our country! This poem is for our soldiers!      




                                     ‘AN ODE TO THE UNDETERRED’

 “Strength instilled in his blood and veins,

Valour caressed his forehead and lips,

As he promised his nation safety and pride.

Even if it meant to stake his own life.

Every step despite the weather so cold,

Inclement mountains shivered as he roared,

He planted the tricolour on the bosom of his nation,

Stitching the wounds of the land that was torn!

His boots melted when he walked on the sands,

Merciless rays of the sun were his friends,

Every sweat that glistened on the snow,

Knew how to make his enemies take a bow!

A never-ending march with many boundaries to cover,

In sync with his heart that embellished his nation,

A rhythm not heard but with a single obvious notion,

Motherland first and then come whatsoever!

The sky, the mountains, the seas and the rivers,

Pound with joy being smitten by the tireless,

Undeterred soldier always a curse for the gutless,

Who dreams of victory while the valiant taste the real one!

The blood that is bled for no nation is just water!

The life that is lived for oneself is no life either.

Nor he care for the lauds that the crowd might shower,

Till he breathes, it’s motherland first and then come whatsoever!”

“Mine is an army blood!” This is what I tell people because I belong to a family where my father, grandfather and uncles have served in the Indian Army . I wanted to continue the tradition but I realized it wasn’t my cup of tea after I got conference out in SSB. To live a civil life devoid of the terms like ‘quarters, shifting, posting’ etc was something I couldn’t imagine. Even in my blog I once wrote that I would love to get married to a soldier. And the very next year, I was inviting my friends for my wife life officer indian army fauji life soldier girlfriend marriage brat nda ota ima

Yes, I Chose To Spend The Rest Of My Life With A Soldier Who Was Serving In The Indian AirForce.

 When we got married there were no hidden terms and conditions. I was totally aware that it would mean special seconds often fading out in his absence and managing things single handed without hinting the troubles to him including the truth that you miss him when he is away from you. But can I afford distractions in his life? Certainly not!!

If You Have Decided To Get Married To A Soldier, You Must Know Your Life Is No Ordinary And You Hold The Responsibility Of Letting Your Husband Serve The Nation Without Any Worries (Doesn’t Mean He Can Stop You From Shopping Or Doing Things You Love!). And The Best Part Is That, You Know You Shall Always Be His Second Love, The First Being The Nation. Such is the privilege granted by the wife of a married man in uniform, the soldier!


When you get married to a soldier, you become part of a bigger family, the ones you see, bid goodbyes and might even see again in your own little world within those encapsulations in the form of boundary walls painted in white and blue , the entrance of which would be guarded by securities demanding you to prove your identity every time you enter the station. The memories in those houses or accommodations or quarters that keep changing every few years, to the long-lasting memories you churn from every instance there, is priceless!airforce wife life officer indian army fauji life soldier girlfriend marriage brat nda ota imaWhen I was a newlywed Airforce Officer wife, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by tremendously talented and helping set of ladies. We ladies often met during the ladies meet or the parties. Be it the blunders I did, including cooking the chickpea without soaking it or not knowing how to drape a saree and also the ones where I was presented with delectable dishes to break my fast during Karwa Chauth, the number of thank you blended with utmost gratitude just kept growing towards this amazing fraternity of women who ensure the welfare of fellow ladies.

Quitting my job at Infosys Limited never made me feel guilty as the ladies around me were extremely talented and yet managing everything without a grin. Nobody forced me to quit. The housewife whom I once saw riding a bullet inside an Airforce station after purchasing groceries, turned out to be the first female pilot who landed in a combat zone, Flight Lieutenant Gunjan Saxena. Height of modesty is when you get to know about this from the News and media and not herself! You would get to see the real sheroes, the serving or retired lady officers, who add pride to our community. There are doctors, engineers, artists, and ladies from all the fields who lead a simple life with elegance and discipline. But you won’t find them complaining about their lives!

The activities you get to do in various programs helps you explore the hidden talents. I once told my senior lady that I have no experience in theatres. She just told me that a Soldier’s wife must wear different hats. I still follow her words. Ladies like them are the assets who ease the life of an Airforce wife. Army or Navy wife is no different!

There Are Times When My Kids Ask Me The Reason Why their Father Isn’t Around And They Are Just Too Young To Be Introduced To Words Like Mother Nation Or Patriotism, I Always End Up Making Excuses Along With A Lie Or Two.

airforce wife life officer indian army fauji life soldier girlfriend marriage brat nda ota ima

Air Force Brats are not the ordinary kids who would look at the sky and enjoy the birds flying. Instead, they are the ones who get to see aircrafts like helicopters or fighter planes, all throughout their lives and nothing scare them off. They live amidst the rescue heroes which would definitely impact their lives for good. When the world hear about heroes like Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, we get the honour of being amidst many such heroes who risk their lives for rescue and other missions, whom people thank every single second! Also I’d like to mention (a little smugly) while I have friends and families in United States or United Kingdom who keep travelling all the time but even they are not lucky enough to explore, live and breathe into the virgin lands  of India hidden away from all the cacophony of usual life which fills me with new energy, new experiences and happiness which no money can buy.

There is nothing static or ordinary in Fauj life!

Fauji life is not only exciting but also extraordinary and you just move on with the new place, new people, new language and new everything with a feeling of oneness! That is the beauty of being a part of Fauj! And once you become a part of it, you cannot really imagine a life without it! It is tough because you are no ordinary to lead an easy life.

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