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Place of Origin: Original ethnic food e-tailer of India

India is the land of diversity and so is reflected through its cuisines. Every state has a different flavor which can not be replicate to some other place in true manners.

The exquisiteness of ‘Dry fruit Kachori’ of Jamnagar, the smell of freshly baked ‘Shrewsbury biscuits’ of Pune, the crispiness of ‘Banana chips’ of Kerala and tantalizing ‘Thepla’ of Gujrat can truly elevate your senses if you nibble onto these delicacies, only from their places of origin. 

The savoring of local flavors can not be replicated from one state to another. The cravings for a particular taste and aroma from the original produce can be tempting or  sometimes the feelings of a fine range of squashes can stick to your sophisticated palate forever. Also the sweet tooth for a specific fudge or chocolate can be really frustrating if you don’t find that distinct flavor in your local market. It happens. Right?

But the good news is that Craftsvilla initiative and prominent food e-tailer PlaceofOrigin has solved this problem by delivering all sort of delicacies and  snacks right at your doorstep. This wonderful website which is an entity of a trusted brand like Craftsvilla itself, known for its honest pricing and exemplary services offers the same experiences to its buyers too.

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Why is PlaceofOrigin so Special?

  • It’s India first and largest online platform for snacks and savories where you can get almost every single staple you ever wished for.
  • This one stop snack shop is collaborated with 100s of food brands sprawled over 20 different states in India. 
  • It caters to a wide range of varieties from unique regional delicacies to hugely popular  world famous gourmet staples.
  • The honest pricing, seasonal offers, great discounts, reliable service, door step delivery and an efficient customer care service truly simplifies your life.
  • It offers exclusive indulgence to the ‘best of food‘ from around the country delivered straight from their original maker. 
  • The ‘Sattu’ of Bihar, The ‘Idlee powder’ from Andhra and many other organic and original raw produces from their original state of origin are easily deliverable to any other part of the country.

How to order?

  • All you have to do is to log on to placeoforigin website
  • Browse over their wide range of categories like ‘Exclusive, Monsoon Special, Sweets, snacks’ etc which are categorized very systematically.
  • If you are still confused go through their ‘best seller list’ or ‘great food brands categories’ which feature their fastest selling items and trusted brand names in food business over centuries.
  • The selection gets easier with the sub categories further, with options like vegetarian, non vegetarian, gluten free or even place of origin tick boxes.
  • Then all you have to do is to select your item and add to your cart then check out only to receive it within days and relish the exoticism of your much loved savory.

Some of the exclusive snacks from PlaceofOrigin

Bhakharwadi by Jagdish Farshan from Vadodara (Gujarat)

Bhakharwadi is just not any food but identity of Vadodara. The sweet, spicy and tangy Indian flour based discs are sure to stay in your memory forever.


Organic Protein Mix by Healthy Buddha from Bangalore (Karnataka)

The healthy mix of legumes, sprouts, peas and other healthy thing by a trusted brand like healthy Buddha need no thinking twice.

Organic Protein Mix

Overload Brownie by Theobroma Mumbai (Maharashtra)

Who would like to miss the opportunity of indulging into these sinful chocolaty delights by Mumbai’s most famous dessert destination of Theobroma?

Overload Brownie

Shrewsbury Buiscuits by City Bakery Pune (Maharastra)

There is only one original type of Shrewsbury biscuits on this planet and that is baked by famous Irani brothers of City bakery Pune. You never knew a cookie until you tasted it.

Shrewsbury Biscuits

Banana Chips by Malabar Chips Ernakulam (Kerala)

Why sobbing into your pillow and curbing those craving for an original golden and crisp South Indian  Banana chips from authenticated dealers as renowned as Malabar chips center?

Banana Chips

Just not snacks or sweets but  ‘kahwa’ from Kashmir, ‘Coffee power’ from south India,pickels from Andhra Pradesh or ‘Green tea’ from Assam and every other staple that you could not find in your local store or wanted only the best from its original place can easily found its way to your kitchen shelves via PlaceofOrigin.

So what are you waiting for? PlaceofOrigin fulfills the dream of any man, woman, student, housewife, working professional who are missing the back home delicacies or exclusively baked goodies of a confectionery situated at that hill top they visited last winters.

The list to gastronomical delights is endless and sky is truly the limit!