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Taj Exotica Goa Review

Taj Exotica is one of the four properties that TAJ group of hotels has in Goa . But unlike other properties it is situated in south Goa in Benaulim on the southwest coast of Goa. This hotel sprawls over 56 acres of luxury magnanimously. How do you define such a property?

Royal, Extraordinary, Exotic, Excellent or Alluring?

Or may be no words can justify the charm unless you feel it yourself! I visited it once and left my heart into the private pool plunge villa only. No kidding, okay? The lush green backyards mesmerises you every single time you look over while sipping your coffee or hot brewing green tea. The coconut trees at perfectly manicured lawns feel very welcoming. The world class restaurants provide you an opportunity to savour the flavours unmatchable to any you have had before.  The dip into the luxurious pool refreshes you to the core and the balconies which face the private pools and personal lawns take this heavenly experience to another level. Walking alongside the serene Benaulim beach just at the backyards of the hotel enriches you with priceless memories.

Yes, Taj Exotica is every word that define luxury and world class experience!

Taj exotica, travel blog, taj exotics review india finest hotels

And did I mention their Mediterranean restaurant Miguel Arcanjo which offer an authenticated Mediterranean taste? The lovely patios, palm trees and atrium create an old world charm, yet remind you that you are at the beach capital of India not at some fairy lands. The memories of lip smacking snacks still lingers onto my mind which I had with my Bae while picnicking at the white sand beach at the backyard of Taj Exotica.

The entire property at 56 acre is divided into main building with deluxe rooms and villa rooms. There are several types of hotel villa like the garden villa rooms, garden villa rooms with personal pool, premium rooms with personal pools etcetera. The villas are an exclusive Taj Exotica experience which you must try if you choose this hotel.

It is so huge that you actually need a caddy cab to cover the entire area. The delicious welcome mocktails initiate your luxury experience straight away as soon as you step into the hotel. Then there might be some exotic notes lingering in the air by a piano player right at the lobby or the entire band might just overwhelm you at the dining area while having dinner.

A spacious room with all modern amenities and an entire private balcony which overlooks a sumptuous garden will leave an everlasting impression in your mind. The pool area has an entire shack bar where you can totally indulge into drinking and swimming together.  Visiting pool area at night with all those glittering lights around provides a very enthralling experience. The pool area epitomises the laid back life and provide you much needed break from hectic schedules. The hotel bar has a very classy british appeal which aids to its old world charm.

Taj exotica, travel blog, taj exotics review india finest hotels

. There are few shops to take you to another kind of luxurious shopping experience. The billiards table is the centre of attraction to anyone and cosily placed in the corridors where you can take a hit or two anytime. The fountain at reception is simply gorgeous and the flower arrangements at the reception area are breathtaking which they regularly change These arrangements will touch your heart and I felt like kissing the hands of the artist behind those ornate arrangements.

Taj exotica, travel blog, taj exotics review india finest hotels

Goa is the centre of all the water sports activities and so they have specially catered these adrenalines boosting sports activities right at the complex. There are so much going on in the hotel itself that you don’t need to go out.There are an  entire array of sports activities like archery, cycling, golf, tennis etcetera. What I would do during my stay was that I enjoyed each of these pleasant activities only to end up taking super relaxing spa at Jiva spa. Then I would order some lip smacking delicacies at the comforts of my room which I’d finish watching Movies at my personal room theatre before snoozing off.


  • The rooms are pretty expensive but cheaper to other five star hotels of this type.
  • It is at some 50 minute distance from the airport.
  • It is very remotely situated in South Goa and most of the fun Goa beaches are at north Goa. And that is the biggest drawback as you can’t have exotica experience and typical Goa experience together with complete ease.



You basically need two trips to experience TAJ exotica Life and rest of the Goa. If you are an urban traveller who travels to experience the luxuries and leisure that the places has to offer you then you must need to visit it once.

You have to live it to feel it!

Taj exotica, travel blog, taj exotics review india finest hotels

The Taj exotica experience can not be expressed in words only. It has to be lived and I am so glad that I had the privilege of living this Taj Exotica life. It still is my favorite getaway to an extraordinary life and I will strongly recommend you to all live it once.

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