7 types of toxic people you must avoid!

It is said you are just like the type of five people you spend most time with. You can not afford even one of those five people to be toxic which could hold you back,drain your energy and above all give you stress. And so you need to choose people around you very wisely for a ‘better you and betterment of you’.

These toxic people defy all kind of logic and some are even blissfully unaware of their toxic presence but there are some who derive sadistic pleasure in creating chaos and messing up with your balance purposely.

Some of these toxic people can be your family members or relatives because you choose your friends but you are born with them and can not do much about such toxic people having a mask of being your relative over their toxic persona. So what do you and how do you get rid of them?

You need to do two things

  • Learn to listen to your inner voice and intuitions and quickly back off.
  • Know their types of toxicity and keep your minimal interaction,if can not avoid them.

Here are a few types of toxic people you must avoid irrespective of your gender,caste,creed or nation.

Gossip-Mongers(toxicity level-3)

The only job these guys have? Oh well, spreading lies and mocking other people misfortune from one corner of the earth to the other corner. They suffer from severe stomachache if they are not able to transfer the information about ‘OTHER PERSON’ problems to the world. They will be clueless about their own lives and basically will have no aim. Immediately break off from their company to keep your energy level high and engage you with constructive work. Always talk about others. will manipulate you by taking other people examples.

Their favorite dialogues “Somebody was saying something about you”


Agony -Aunt (toxicity level-3)

These type of people will have free advice for everyone dwelling this planet. These self declared experts have only one job to provide unsolicited advice about your personal or professional life whether you want it or not. It would always be over the top and loud. It may drain you out and exhaust you for rest of the day after an hour session with such people. They themselves have nothing else to do in their own life and usually failure.

Their favorite dialogue “I told you so!”  

Abala Naari(Toxicity level-1)

They always play victims. Poor souls, vandalized by the world,nothing good ever happened! Blah-Blah and blah! They play cute and talk sweet. You will suddenly find yourself into the shoes of a protectors, leaving every single job of yours for them. What do you get in return? A betrayed and used you and restrained relationships with your real well wishers. They are the toxic people of top level and believe me possess more brains than you. Avoid them at all cost.

Favourite dialouge  “I am so innocent.” “I so need you.”

The Bully (Toxicity level-2)

These are very dominating people. They derive pleasure in belittling you and make you feel constantly small. They have an art of highlighting your weak points and use them for their benefit of establishing their own kingdom. You will never have a say and you will always feel pressurized in their presence. They are either very loud or selective speakers. But whenever they talk, it would be to make your feel your insignificance and boost up your inferiority. Very insecure,arrogant,angry and dismissive! They have a habit of finding faults in you every single time. It’s like you never do anything right.

You know the biggest irony? Such people train you the way that you seek approval of them before every single work. Then they will find fault in your work and undermine your confidence. 

Favorite dialogue “You can not do it, you messed up last time” “You are good for nothing” 



The Envious (toxicity level-2)

These are vicious over jealous people who measure their happiness against yours. Any accomplishment in your life is a threat to them and they loath it. They will misguide and distract you from your goals and worst, may even snatch that single opportunity you got ever.  You can never ease up and talk about your achievements in their presence. Back biting about you help them release their own stress. They will keep looking for the ways to pull you down. They have a very suffocating effect.They are toxic people of level two and just get rid of them as soon as possible.

Favourite dialouge ” Yeah! your job is okay but mine is better” 


The Dementor (originators of toxicity)

Do you remember ” Dementors” in Harry potter series who were capable enough of sucking life out of everything their touch? These are exactly the same type of highly toxic people. They enter a room and everybody in the room will sense their evil presence. They would suck the life out of that room with their melodrama,constant cribbing,bad mouthing,abusing or even imposing themselves. Their characteristic is ‘they can talk for hours without a break‘ without even taking your opinion. You would not even be able to make sense of anything except feeling drenched out and planning to run away as soon as possible.

Highly negative people,pessimistic,inject fear onto others,trigger insecurity about your own life, have bad examples to tell you over and over again, the worst trait ? ONE DAY YOU WILL BECOME THEM IN REGULAR COMPANY!

Avoid them at all cost. they are kings/queens of toxic people and they should be jailed if you ask my opinion.

Favourite Dialouge : “Badd-Badd(consant talking)”

Parasites (toxicity level-1)

Oh! They behave like leeches. Prey upon you for their benefits but your ‘down the memory lane trip’ would never confirm their usefulness into your life. They hang around you like side people and are capable of taking your bull shits too. But basically they are extracting benefits out of you step by step without you even realizing. They will pretend to be empathetic to your causes and even portray happiness about your endevours. How do you recognize them because its very hideous to realize this kind. They lie low!

Simply understand that they are below your level. Harsh but true! Their aura can never match your personality and it makes them sad and insecure somewhere. The success and kind of life you are leading would have been their dream. They are struggling in their life and you are not. If you have a big heart go help them out but don’t create friendships or maintain relationships with them. It will only end up you looking like a fool.

One sided relationships are never long term. Remember!

Favourite Dialouge ” You are greatest of all”


Remember folks! Relationships are meant to enhance your personality and help you grow. Anything or anyone suffocating you or creating tensions in your life must be avoided for the greater good. Family members may take undue advantage of our affections too and use us. So if you can not run away from such people at least try to minimize the contact.

Love will always help you fly not cage you!

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