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Top 5 summer perfumes for women

“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting”

True! Ain’t it? Women and perfumes have an endless romance over centuries. The medieval Itra to modern day fragrances have easily found their way to a woman’s bedroom. Perfume is an intimate thing,it is one true reflector of the heart. You really need to take it seriously if you don’t! Here s the review of 5 best summer perfumes of all times which I have personally used. The best perfumes for any woman which are must haves. Take a look to these delicious olfactory delights from world’ renowned brands.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle (Chanel Girl is not a girl but lady!)

When you say Chanel you add great to it. This decadently intoxicating perfume are pure perfumes. This luxurious purse edition perfumes come in EDP packaging with a seal at the neck. The Chanel coco Mademoiselle holds the spirit of Chanel perfumes along with oriental fresh notes of citruses at the top, flowers and litchi in the middle and cuddling finish as the base notes.

Jasmine,May rose and delicate Florentine Iris are the key floral notes in this scent. You can wear this intense perfume for your summer evening parties. best perfume fragrance woman summer world best perfume smell chanel bvlgari calvin klein DKNY Zara review

BVLGARI Omnia Coral(Bvlgari Girl is romantic & sensuous)

Hmm.. How do you describe Bvlgari Omnia Coral? May be it’s like sipping on a glass of freshly poured red wine! The romantic color combines with the accentuated red berries while the composition flaunts the sensuous notes of water lily,hibiscus with a sophisticated hint of musk and cedar.

Fruity and floral notes,Romantic,delicate and feminine! Coral is the best selling of BVLGARI perfumes. Go for a generous spray for a lunch date or movie.summer perfume woman india fragnance

DKNY Be Delicious( DKNY girl is urban chic and fuss free)

DKNY is serving contemporary urban inspired fashion for a quarter of century and so it the spirit of DKNY perfumes. DKNY Be Delicious fresh blossom is as gentle and airy as the spring itself. The luminous accord of grapefruit is mixed with rose and jasmine petals

Fresh,Floral,Light! For women with urban chic and city mindset!. You can carry it all day,all time.perfume,fragrance woman,top 10 summer India best perfumes

Zara Summer Collection (Zara Girl is powerful and bossy)

Summer Eau de Toilette Pour Homme Zara is basically for men. But the spicy,aromatic,green,sweet,citrus accord make it very much a woman’s perfume. The misty spray of this masculine scent has fruity kicks from grapfruit,pineapple,mint,sandlwood etc.

Perfect for a shopping spree with buddies or a dinner date with the Bae. Masculine,powerful,exotic! Perfect for those women who want more than just the standard.summer perfume female

Calvin Klein One (The cK One girl is the regular girl next door)

The scent is nothing sexy but a very casual and comfort scent. It is a unisex perfume and can be used by both men and women.the best thing about it is that it comes at an economic price.It has a great fruity notes of pineapple and papaya mixed with musk accord.

All day All purpose! Your that one regular scent. Clean,fresh fragnant with mild fresh floral base notes. Aromatic,woody,powdery! You will smell great and keep smiling the entire perfume summer india woman

Choosing that one perfume out of the hundreds shown by the salesgirl at a perfume counter could be tricky. Even the best of coffee beans give up after sometimes. Hope my review of summer best perfumes help! And here are some more articles you might like to read

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