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How to know a woman by her Handbag!

Women love their bags. Fashion comes and go but a woman’s love for her handbag is eternal.A handbag to a woman is just not a bag but her whole world. A woman’s handbag is her grown-up ‘security blanket’ – carrying items to navigate the world.She keeps her gloss,diary,clips,chewing gum,makeup essentials, sanitary pads,wipes and what not.  She might turn phinky if you dare look inside it,she likes to keep it mysterious. So don’t you think that if you could decode the mystery of a woman’s purse you can easily crack her personality or rather Purso-nality? Is she a floral straw girl with heart full of secrets or a masculine tote bag girl conquering the world on her own terms? Let’s find out!

Elegant Clutch Lady

She’s the confident one and knows her worth. It’s not everyday when a woman dares to carry her whole world in a tiny-miny clutch. She’s socially ambitious and seek royality just like her royal clutch. She prefers men who are royality or at least royally rich. You will see a lot of Army wives and lady wives from Armed forces background carries their clutch rather regally. Average guys are complete no for a clutch obsessed lady. handbags,woman,clutch,personality,tote bag, sling bag how to know a woman latest fashion

Designer Fake Lady

She’s the woman who knows how to get most out of her budget. It comes out of her belief that says that everyone has the right to own a Hermes or Michael Kors bag worth Rupees two lakh but should pay only Rupees thousand for that. She’s also among the most patient lot. It’s her only who has the patience of a saint to hunt through all the sales rack for the perfect bargain. Then she’s like to go to a party and insist on drinking only the finest wine. handbags,woman,clutch,personality,tote bag, sling bag how to know a woman latest fashion

Ethically Chic Bag Lady

Socially and environmentally conscious,she’s fun loving and laid back.She values ethics and does her share by denouncing the croc,leather or kidskin. She will eat the chocolates but only if she’s sure that its organic. With places to see and things to do she is unobtrusive with a busy life,environmentally inclined and knows what suits her and believe in her own style.handbags,woman,clutch,personality,tote bag, sling bag how to know a woman latest fashion

Logo Luggage Lady

Her luggage cost more than most people holiday! A woman carrying designer luggage wants you to know she lives an exclusive,high maintenance lifestyle which is not everybody’s cup of tea. She naturally has taste for fine things and classy people in her own life handbags,woman,clutch,personality,tote bag, sling bag how to know a woman latest fashion

Sling Bag Lady

She’s a girl by her heart even in her fifties. She’s fun and mostly casual. She lives in present and never bothers the future or regret the past. Her taste for men lies in their sense of humor. The men who can make her laugh are her soulmates. She’s also a fashionista and likes her things bright and cool.handbags,woman,clutch,personality,tote bag, sling bag how to know a woman latest fashion

Wrong bags

The moment you spot a woman carrying a clutch to the beach or sling bag to work place,know that the woman is impractical and indecisive. She will be insecure most of the times and life for her is a big challenge. She takes time to open up too be it friends or the men!handbags,woman,clutch,personality,tote bag, sling bag how to know a woman latest fashion

Masculine Bags

Tote bag or be it studded black leather bag,this girl is a power-house. She is efficient and sincere. She carries her world with herself and relies on her self worth. Her decisions are her own but only after they had been carefully measured. She is a no-nonsense kind of woman and likes to seek company of simple easy going people. She is also the most opinionated one and would be the first one to judge you. Do not mess with her!handbags,woman,clutch,personality,tote bag, sling bag how to know a woman latest fashion

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