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Identical Twin brothers in Indian Army

Twenty two year olds identical twins Abhinav Pathak and Parinav Pathak were born a few minutes apart, completed their studies from Amritsar together from the same school but completed their engineering from different colleges based in Ludhiana and Jalandhar but as destiny has already written a common story for them which makes them inseparable for most part of their lives they reunited at the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun and graduated from the same batch. Together they were able to fulfil their dream of joining Indian Army . Though, the brothers are posted in separate army units after graduating from the prestigious institute together, along with 457 other cadets, on Saturday. Abhinav will join Army Air Defence Corps and Parinav, Army Aviation Corps.

“We have achieved whatever we have, together. This makes us extremely proud,” Parinav said.

At the Passing Out Parade ceremony the brother shared hilarious tales of how their drill instructor would be confused apart from the time he will find them in their PT dress with different company batch on their collar. Even the mess butler would be confused most of the time and say  ‘Are saab khana to kha lijiye?’ (have you had your meal?) to the other brother who arrived after the other brother for mess dinners.

Parinav also said. “At times, when I would see my company’s mess table crowded, I would go to my brother’s mess which had fewer cadets having food. Nobody was able to identify me,” he added with a hearty laugh. They were in different companies in the academy and had different mess.”

Army life is filled with amazing stories and we wish the twin brothers in army all the best. May they reach new heights and add to the glorious history of Indian Army. twin brother in academy Indian Army Army officer army life military academy POP IMA NDA OTA

In all, 459 GCs (gentlemen cadets) passed out from the IMA on Saturday. The GCs included 382 Indian nationals while 77 were from friendly foreign countries.

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