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Five quick signs if your partner is cheating on you

We never predict things, we believe a few people more than we should,we put them on pedestals,only to regret later. The bad thing about betrayal is, it always comes from your own people. Cheating can corrode your soul and have powers to break you into pieces but if you listen to the signs if he’s cheating on you,you can timely prevent yourself from a possible heart break and may try to find a new meaning to your life. Here we share some signs if your husband or boyfriend is cheating on you because you see human mind and psychology is same everywhere.

He’s extra protective about his phone

His phone is constantly locked,he never shares a whatsapp joke with you,always keeps it around him and never leaves it even for a fraction of second. He overreacts and gets aggressive if you touch his phone. He runs and always prefer to talk in private whenever his phone rings. I tell you sweetheart most men are protective about their phones but you can sense it when they are overprotective or overactive when it comes to their phone.channing tatum phone GIF

He completely changes his routine

His routine no more coincides with yours,he has million excuses to be away from you. His appetite have changed,his favourite food which he liked eating with you is no more favorite even the appetite is different. He sleeps late now and wakes up early before you.tired sleep GIF

He suddenly cares about his appearance more than usual

He’s suddenly into all sort of fitness regime,buys new clothes more than he was doing before,you find him before mirror more than the usual and you find this smug smile or a stony silence on his face all the time he’s with you.chris pratt super bowl commercial 2018 GIF by ADWEEK


He is not active sexually

Yes,girls love making tells you thousand things you as such won’t notice about your man. So when he stop initiating sexy time with you and looks uninterested in sex always it is definitely not a good sign and clear indication of his state of mind. If your spouse makes million excuses for avoiding sex that definitely means something is not right. bbc sherlock GIF

Your gut tells you he is not the same person you fell in love with

Instincts are the sole reason we as species are flourishing on this planet and survived so far. So babe always listen to your gut feeling,it is mostly right. If it says the man you loved is not same anymore you should be concerned,if it says there is something off about his behaviour you should definitely be alarmed. good for you love GIF by ZDF

Infidelity is not only about a physical disconnect but it also means emotional disconnect and breakage of that bond which uplifted you as person,gave you courage and made you smile,adultery will immediately wipe off that feeling of feeling special. Relationships should be based on love and respect and infidelity certainly is a killer. Being unfaithful to wife and girlfriend are not unknown things and if your gut tells you something is not right,you must confront it with your partner as soon as possible before it causes more damage to you and your relationship. 

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