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Ten signs He’s madly in love with you

Love is an eternal feeling,an ever lasting bliss which does not only touches hearts but also change lives! Lucky are the people who are in love,are loved and have found their one true love! Truly lucky,because love does not limit within boundaries,does not cage within fences and does not teach to limit but fly high and high in the sky. That is the power of true love,the love which makes you good,powerful,spiritual and most importantly liberated. Because..

You Only rise in love! Never fall!

But girls how do you know,you have found that one true love which is meant to change you for good,and forever? No matter what… you never have to let him go! Here are the some important signs of your man falling deeply in love with you!

He will respect you

You can feel it,whether he respects you or not! There can be no love if he does not respect you. He will respect you as much as he does to his mother. A mother is the most important person in a guy’s life and if a guy does not respect his mother he would never respect you too. Also you should know that public display of affection or PDA is not respect. Unlike girls  it is a bad sign, if a guy discusses his girl with his guy friends. Respect is when he listens to you and value your advise and decisions.

Love without Respect is like Tea without sugar!

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He will give his best

He will always try to achieve his maximum best with you,he might fail trying to impress you but it is the effort that counts. He will provide you with best of things which belongs to him,he will not borrow things for a momentarily impression but would always be in quest of leaving an ever lasting impression on you.

From love making to that packet of chips,you will be on his mind first!

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He will love your folks

A man truly,madly and deeply in love with you would also love everything that belongs to you. he would love your friends,family ,relatives or anyone who matter to you even your dog! He will always try to impress people who matter to you and never like to disappoint you before them.

A man who does not love your folks is the one who never loved you truly!

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He will honor your commitments

Your time,your values,your cultures,your beliefs,your ideologies, above all your freedom, it would all matter to him. Even if he does not agree with it at all,he will always provide you space to you for honouring your commitments. Also have the courage to walk out of the relationship without honour,abusive relationships are like plague, with power to engulf your inner joy. Never ever stick to an abusive relationship,it’s never worth it.

Love is followed by honour naturally!

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He is proud of you

Big,tall,fat,ugly and no matter how you hold yourself into your own eyes,he will always hold you on pedestals. He would never shy away from having you on his side before his folks. His heart would hold immense pride in having you in life and feel secure with you if things are adverse. You should know flaunting and pride are two different things, infact it is a bad sign if a guy is flaunting you before his guy friends. You have to learn to differentiate between the two to decode whether your man truly loves you or still in dilemma of having you around like a trophy.

There is no pride bigger than loving someone and being loved in return!

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He will listen to you

No matter how stupid,lame or dull you are talking he will make an effort to be into the conversation. Even if he’s watching a cricket match, he would still be careful of what you are talking. He might be reserve,talkative or even serious you will always find a connect when you are talking to him. That one sided conversation complimented by his occasional nods would help you relax and make you happy.

Men in love  are never irritated with your constant chattering!

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He will gift you things

No matter how materialistic it sounds but a man truly in love with you would love leaving surprises for you now and then. Why? Only because he cares for you and he loves it when you smile. This shows, you are constantly in his mind even if he is less expressive or speak less or even avoid posting the public photos on Facebook with you. He does not believe in flaunting but make you feel special.

Gifts are his way of making you feel special, no matter how big or small it is.

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He will always respond to your calls

It might be astonishing to you but yes,he would always respond tour text,phone calls,mails immediately and if not possible to connect immediately his reaction time would range to as soon as possible. And there would be no confusion about it,you know he contacted you as soon as he can. You know, no matter how far but he will always come back to you. You will be secure about it and your inner haunches would confirm it.

He bothers about you and care the most about! Ain’t he?

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He will change

A man in love or relationship is bound to change. he will imbibe your things,habits and would soon start reciprocating your thoughts. It never happens immediately but over a period of time a couple in love exchange their behavioral traits. You will become much like him and he will become much like you.

It’s not for anything that they say two sides of the same coin!

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You will always want best for you

Most importantly, your perfect man out of the romance novel would make you believe that you are worth of every good thing and emotion that prevail on this planet. A man in true relationship would elevate your confidence level,make you believe in your true strength, bring out your inner power and bring only best of you before the world. Your life would not only change after meeting him but you are also bound to be the best version of yourself eventually. You will want best of clothes,food,cosmetics,poetry,prose,stories and what not!

A person touched deeply by love is bound to rise above others and believe in his capabilities!

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You should also know while searching for your ‘Knight in shining Armour’ you are also expected to be the princess on a horse! It all depends on how much you are willing to sacrifice and trust into the relationship. How much genuine efforts you are taking for your boyfriend or husband! You should also know the man truly in love with you might not always say cheesy things to you,infact never but he is bound to tell you right things which he feels would save you from problems and elevate your statures. He might even be harsh too but if there is love and affection around, you can easily feel that deep sense of peace and security inside your heart too. No matter how many times you have fought,deep inside you always know he was always the one for you. Not everyone find their one true love and most love stories revolve around compromising,calculations,adjusting,lust,greed kind of words.

Lucky are the people who found their one true love, were loved in return and never let each other go. As they say, you always rise in love! Never Fall!


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