karma ,why do people come when they have to go purpose of life spirituality life lessons teachings healing journey of life hurt suicide

Why do people come to our lives even when they have to go?

Nothing in this universe happens without a reason!

Have you ever wondered why do certain people get exactly the things you wanted for you and they never actually bothered about those same things?

Have you ever wondered about anomalies among Relationships where one partner is exactly the opposite to the other partner, to an extent that you felt they never deserve each other?

Do you ever wondered why did some people rub you the wrong way even when you were good to them?

This happens to everyone. Sometimes some relationships shake you to the core,some make you believe in humanity and all things beautiful and then there are some that would push you to an extent of losing hope and sometimes even faith. Why do all of us experience different versions of same thing called life? Why can not we apply similar formulas to every one equally and why do we all have different definitions of life?

One’s perception of Life and how he takes decisions eventually decides his fate, depends upon his own experiences and even memories. These experiences and memories are sum total of all the people who have been,who are part of our lives.

People enter into our lives for three reasons


Some people enter into our lives only to help/support and let us sail through a particular time especially the tougher ones and then they go once their purpose is complete. They enter only for a short period of time. These people may suddenly appear out of nowhere and meet you in most unexpected situations through most unexpected ways. n a lift,car,Uber,internet,family,friends and many other places where you least expected them. You feel they are God Sent and they are!

They will lift your spirits,guide you well,show you the path and then slowly or suddenly go away once the reason of their presence is fulfilled. They might even be tough or negative people too who would surely teach you some important lessons. God give answers to your prayers in the forms of these people,you may call them angels too. They are the result of the ‘need you expressed’ in your subconscious mind but this relationship will end without any wrong doing from your part. You should honour their departure rather than worrying over the consequences if they would have stayed.

Ps-close your eyes try to find out who those people are in your life for a reason

karma ,why do people come when they have to go purpose of life spirituality life lessons teachings healing journey of life hurt suicide


Some people enter into our lives to teach us about life and help us introspect ourselves too. These are particularly tough people and may even be very negative but they are here for a reason. They help you push towards your goals,shake your ethics,bend you to the core and may even hold power to shatter you but they are here for a reason which is to discover the hidden powers inside you and explore your true potentials. Sometimes you even meet people who bring upon the peace and love you never experienced or make you laugh. They will inspire you to do something you have never done and give you unbelievable amount of job. You should never ever question their existence in your life when they come and when they go, rather understand that they were here only for a short period of time to teach you the most important lessons of your life and sometimes just to clear your past karma. They might be hidden among your friends, family or relatives,revealing their true colours during the time of crisis. They warn you about hidden dangers and expose you to the truth that life is never always flowery nor even thorny. This shall pass too.

Ps-close your eyes and find out who those people are in your life for a season.

help people person karma ,why do people come when they have to go purpose of life spirituality life lessons teachings healing journey of life hurt suicide


Sometimes some people come to you for short periods but stays with you for a long time and sometimes for a lifetime. These are the people who should matter to you. These are the people who give you reasons to live and laugh too. They also give you lifetime lessons which might even change you as a person you have ever been. The purpose is to bring stability,provide companionship and build solid emotional foundations which will sustain you as human. Your job is to accept the love,learn and spread the knowledge which you have earned through this relationship to all other relationships and life.

Ps-close your eyes and try to find out who those people are in your life for a lifetime

help people person karma ,why do people come when they have to go purpose of life spirituality life lessons teachings healing journey of life hurt suicide

Life is not a destination but a journey

Consider life as a train journey which has starting and end points both but several stoppages and everybody does not get onto the train at the same time. Some people get on and off at the next stop.Some people start at the beginning and ride it to the end. Some people only need to ride till the first stop,some would get off at second stop and some would get off along with you at the end. You don’t know how those people riding your train are going to play out. The pattern is never clear. When a student is ready a teacher will appear. Right exactly when you need someone in your life to teach you something, they appear and provide you with knowledge and wisdom. Often, these people aren’t recognized. They can be overlooked or underestimated.

Sometimes we undergo situations we dislike but may be that is how it was always supposed to be or may be this is the best, even when we don’t know it.

And if everything is predestined how does karma plays a role?

Karma decides whether you will sail through your tough times smoothly with abundance of help or not! karma also decides the duration of your good times too. Good times are also exactly the time when rather than indulging into superficial happiness and materialistic things and considering yourself indestructible and immortal,you should use those good times in fulfilling your long held goals and complete the incomplete tasks in your bucket list. You should also spread the happiness back to the universe which you are getting that time from the universe and increase its span.

Spread happiness back to the universe during your good times. Never forget to thank God every single day and let him know that you know it’s always him not you,never you!These are the real purposes of good times.

If you genuinely helped people during your good times you will get exactly the same kind of help from other people during your bad times. And if you never helped anyone without intentions or hidden motives then you should not blame God for not helping you when you need it. This is how simply the karma moves the wheels of your life and fate.

help people person karma ,why do people come when they have to go purpose of life spirituality life lessons teachings healing journey of life hurt suicide

Another purpose of life is to grow!Humans are composed of 70% of water and do you know what happens when water is stagnant? Stagnant water is dangerous. Never settle down for things. Always keep trying for the next things after you achieve what you wanted to achieve before. Learning is an essential part of life.

Don’t ever limit yourself. You, yourself is not aware of the gifts universe has hidden carefully. If you settle you are doomed, if you move you are alive!

Never allow yourself to be stagnant because of other people or let negativity influence you from moving ahead in life and dream big. Do something in your life use your spirits to spread positive energy on the planet,try to make a difference into other people’s lives by first making your life worthwhile. It is not important for you to remember people forever, you are allowed to forget them but You should constantly want the best for people.It is not necessary for them to be present for you always. You have to understand that their spiritual purpose is way bigger than yours. Spirituality is not attained into a temple or a mosque but by challenging and discovering the real you.

Make your life constructive,help people unintentionally,respect other people’s life purposes and let the things go!

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