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10 signs of a pseudo-feminist

The world is gearing up and putting all its efforts to raise a generation of empowered women. Women who are no less than men but have we ever thought about empowered men? No! Nope! Never! This word does not even exists and all thanks to our pseudo feminists who are doing women more harm than a man can ever do.

After all as they say ” Only a woman is the enemy of another woman”

Who are these pseudo feminists?

Exactly the kind of women who claim to be feminists and believe in equality of sexes all the while expecting men around them to do all the jobs which are stereotypically defined as women work like household chores or raising kid which is not a bad thing to expect ,in fact a fabulously beautiful concept where men and women both are contributing equally without burdening each other and fulfilling all the vows of a Marriage. But the problem rises when these same women expect men to pay for the expenses of the similar household chores,shop for them and kids while they feel it’s not their job to look after day to day expenses . It is simply fake feminism. And this is just one example!pseudo-feminism, feminism,fake feminism,woman rights movement, feminist she male alpha female lipstick feminismWe are not even realizing that men are suffering too. After all human emotions are similar to both the sexes. They are both entitled to feel happy,sad,hurt,complain and many things more equally. This scenario is more common in middle and upper middle class society where people are still living by stereotyped rules and don’t enjoy the uncouth pattern of lower class and affluence of higher class which have other set of problems but surely pseudo feminism does not exist there. Middle class people are still obliged to hold the family together. And these women are just not the wives but could also be moms,sisters or even daughters. Men are sandwiched and don’t even dare to voice their opinions only because of the fear of getting tagged as chauvinistic men who is uncouth, dominating or simply a heartless person. This is not only putting pressure on social structure but also fondling with men’s health.

How to recognize a pseudo-feminists?

They are so full of themselves

While talking about gender equality,They feel they are superior to others in knowledge and class. Lipstick feminism is their absolute favorite where they are more open about their sexual preferences but hesitate to talk about men’s sexual fantasies . They simply wants to be Alpha females.

They believe in misandry

Pseudo feminists don’t believe in social,political and economical equality of sexes like a real feminist but in misandry which is hatred towards men and wanting power over men in society. They want to be the dominating force in their houses,offices,colleges and everywhere else hiding behind the veils of feminism.

They hate other women

Yes, unlike the popular perception,pseudo feminist hate the other women from the bottom of their hearts too. Any woman who is better than them or does not believe in their ideology of hating man is subject to be pulled down. Control is their second name.

They are hypocrites

Pseudo-feminists will cry out loud about body shaming but at the same time will hate any pretty smart girl who likes to dress up and have fun. They like to dress up within boundaries but any woman in bikni is narcissistic to them. Equality applies everywhere. Right?

Saving the family is only a man’s responsibility

These women go really cruel when it comes to their own families and children. They don’t even try to compromise or give up for the sake of happiness of the family. Because walking out suits their hollow theories and compromising is a man’s job. After all they are feminist (pseudo). They will divorce their husbands citing reasons of inequality while absolutely not hesitating to take support of their own fathers to survive and perpetuate.

There are pseudo feminist mothers too.

While bothering too much about their daughters rightful place in the family,they will slam their sons and keep using dialogues like “ Sons are no good these days” I am alone and my son does not do anything for me”‘brother should take care of the sister but she has no responsibility for brother’s family”. While holding a flag march for other people’s kids their own children are highly neglected back at their homes,mostly at the mercy of relatives or maids. This is fake feminism.

All men are dogs but never call her a bitch

He broke up with her, all men are dogs! Rapes and domestic abuses only happen to women and all men are same! All men propagate misogyny and can not be feminist! He’s the man he must be at fault! Wives can shout on husbands but a husband doing as such should be behind bars.Sons should be taught to do household chores but don’t teach daughters to pay for family expenses.

How regressive it is to look for a home maker for marriage

All men wants to marry a home maker brides which is such a bad thing while the women seeking well established and earning grooms is completely okay. These pseudo feminist forget that finding a life partner is a personal perspective of an individual that allows him to choose a partner according to his own preferences with whom he feels comfortable spending his life with and it is really not necessary that he seeks a working woman as you think he should.

They are toxic to other women

These pseudo feminists who have never been happy about their own lives and see the world in their own reflections and they are mostly jealous of other happy women too. So they try to propagate the concept of pseudo feminism to other women which emphasis more on professional happiness than personal happiness,fighting for others while they will never fight to keep their families together. Their only job is to spread toxicity

They will never tell you the truth

They will never tell you the truth of missing out on family joys and neglected kids but put a happy face before you. They will never tell you that true feminism starts at home and believe in equality which is about balancing their own work-home lives. They will tell you about neglecting your relationships,houses and justify fighting with husbands because then only you are a feminist.

At the end, their own lives are such mess. These pseudo feminists can be found around the coffee houses,pubs or bars but never at home.For them it is cool talking about other women rights and world’s problems no matter how messed up their own lives,houses,kids and relationships are! And hey you can’t seek any inspiration there. They expect men to respect women while they absolutely hate men. According to them women can never be happy back at homes or just in their own skins. They don’t believe a woman can be happy back at home with kids and family doing house hold chores and also it’s easier to stand for tribal women rights rather supporting their own families.Compromising for people in their own urban world is regressive. It falls for absolute hypocrisy.pseudo-feminism, feminism,fake feminism,woman rights movement, feminist she male alpha female lipstick feminism

You know why do they are the first ones to raise voices and flag march because they could not sort out their own lives and it’s such a distraction pretending to think they are helping the world. Equality means happiness and liberation for all the sexes no matter where they find it. No one has the right to be judgmental about any gender.

You want to know how a feminist look like? Well she can be anyone from a 50 year old man to 10 year old girl,from a working woman to a complete housewife who believe in happy individuals,society,country and planet. They are empathetic towards everyone and especially about their families. Because happy families start with happy women who have all the rights to spread the same happiness to the whole world where everyone lives in a symbiotic environment without suppressing anyone else with or without feminism.

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