Bengaluru Mass Molestation horror story

We will make roads like New York, Bullet trains like Japan, Missiles like Israel and malls like Shanghai and how would we party? Groping and molesting women! Simple! Well yeah! We are ever shining country to reach moon who take pride in being the largest secular democracy of the world which has one of the best armed forces,police,missiles,submarines and even nuclear bombs. But yet we can’t protect our women! Yes! And that is not our ever green misogynist politicians like Abu Azmi and Karnataka home minister G Parmeshwara have the audacity to defend the molesters and this type of mob mentality with some of the millennium statements which ranges from ‘revealing clothes to eating chowmein’ responsible for such behaviour to women!

“How about passing a fatwa openly that we are Taliban too and no other girl should go out in dark especially on New Year’s Eve. Make it a government mandate and issue it. At least it’ ll be then an official announcement of women safety in India and also declaration of following Talibani ideologies. Why faking to be a progressive country?” 

Bengaluru Mass molestation

‘The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ is the call of the hour and everyone try to post at least one selfie with a Jhadu! It’s new cool but I guess such massive swachata mission should not limit itself with cleaning at the nook and corners but it should increase it’s capacities of the target by ‘purifying some of the leeches at those nook and corners who are rotting the society’ who believe this place is their playground and they don’t owe any obligation towards behaving civilised in public places.

Our Prime Minister should also launch few (many) rehabilitation centers for such anti social elements where they should be taught some lessons of cultured behaviour and groomed aptly especially their behaviour towards women.

Bengaluru mass molestation

The exact same lesson which their own mothers and sisters couldn’t teach them during their childhood which could be the possible reason of their retardness except that their own mother and sisters have been molested the same way and they are now on some massive mission to avenge the honour of their own women !

I mean what else could be the reason of such mental illness except the social discontent and intellectual disability.

Here is exactly what happened in MG Road and Brigade road on New Year’s Eve in Bengaluru yes, not in Delhi ( Delhi people sighing with relief ‘Thank god not us..this time!’) Few drunk and few non drunk hooligans started touching,groping,molesting every woman around them and the male companions or relatives of the women had to face tough time protecting them.Few of the women in fact started running with their stilettos in their hands. Few had to form a human circle around the women to protect them. Basically an anarchy prevailed on those streets which were claimed safe initially by the Bengaluru police after the deployment of around 1500 police personnels in that area.

Oh how they underestimated the mob mentality! 

Bengaluru mass molestation


The very same mob which would never come ahead to save a person from getting robbed or murdered because we commonly assume we all lack courage. After all we are common people. Doing something for the country and other people is the job of bureaucracy,police,politicians,army or basically everyone but not us!

Many of the young women were crying and with their stilettos in their hand they ran to the women police officers for help. The police was badly outnumbered and they even tried to go and chase the hooligans but they’d be back in the spot after the police would run to the other pillar. Yes, this utter mass chaos was exactly happening on the new year’s eve.

And with such resolutions few great and noblemen have started their new year and god only knows about more such wonderful plans these capable men have ahead in the year which make stories like Nirbhaya or Jisha

Bengaluru Mass Molestation


These are personal accounts of eye witnesses.

“Everyone was drunk and pushing each other, people behaved indecently. They did not leave a single girl.They grabbed women’s hair and pulled at their clothes. I saw a woman weeping. She was bleeding and had scratches. It was very scary.”

Another woman, who gave her name as Pooja, who told the BBC: “People were pushing and shoving, touching, grabbing, groping and everything was happening on that street.

“It was not only to me. It was happening to other girls too. They were all scared.

“I felt helpless. Although I have hands and legs and I could abuse and slap them, I could not do anything. I didn’t know who was touching me and groping me.”

And it is not for the first time that it is happening. The ever active Twitterati shouted out loud about the incidents and few locals from their revealed that it is not happening for the first time and locals never prefer to go to MG Road and Brigade Road on  New Year eve.  Actually some group of hooligans who would be drunk always come onto the streets that time of the year only for molesting women who dare to step out of their houses to celebrate new year just like everybody else. Though some other group of men also come out that time but they prefer to help women by protecting and dropping them home safe as much as they can. As this has become city culture.

Bengaluru mass molestation

We want our country to be like Paris or New york where men and women can freely party and celebrate life together without getting offended but such incidents not only create a bad name for us all around the world but also show us the mirror about how we are still living in medieval ages in our so called shining country. No matter how many milestones we covered in last year, make some more nukes,sign some more environment agreements with the world or recruit some more  Marcos but it is all of such waste if we can’t create a better country where women feel safe!

In the latest development police has finally filed a FIR and claims to have evidence but no victim has come forward to report the incident till now. Let’s see if anything happens ever!

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