10 movies to watch on republic day

Independence Day  is the celebration of the freedom that helped us celebrate Republic day. And Republic day in India is not only a day to remember when India’s‘s constitution came into force on 26 january 1950 but folks it’s also a gazetted holiday for all the Indians. Republic day speech by our prime ministers talks about the historical moments  of India and have been a tradition since the day India completed its transition towards becoming an independent republic. And what better way to celebrate it by watching any of the patriotic Bollywood movies  I am listing here. Just download it or better buy an original DVD and play at the comforts of your couches. Yes! Don’t forget to invite your own folks to get into the patriotic mode some more!

10. Gandhi (1982)

Mahatma Gandhi is that one name which is as glorified as our country India. The history of India’s struggle for freedom is so much intertwined with the journey of Mohandas KaramChand Gandhi to become Father of the nation. This movie is a biopic of Gandhi and his return from South Africa to India and initiate a one of a kind non violent campaign against British. Ben Kingsley immortalised himself as Gandhi in this movie and also this movie is the winner of 8 academy awards.

10 movies to watch on republic day

9.Swades (2004)

It was not among Shahrukh Khan blockbuster hits but surely a movie which is among one of the most memorable role in his career. The tagline of swades ‘We,The people’ itself says a lot. Journey of Mohan to India who works in Nasa to bring along his nanny with him where he rediscover himself and realise that what does it actually means to be an Indian. The movie is unapologetic about the poverty in India and while showcasing the contrast between the advancements of NASA  and India development quest it clearly talks out loud about citizen responsibility.

10 movies to watch on republic day

8. Lagaan (2001)

Lagaan is a an epic sports drama film written by Ashutosh Gowariker and it still remains the best movie made by him. I mean who doesn’t love Lagaan where a group of poverty stricken villagers led by an ordinary feisty young man challenge the mighty British Empire,play their game cricket with them and totally owns it! What more the love triangle of the British MemSahib and Gaw ki Gori provide glamour to the movie. All the while making us feel very passionate and patriotic for our country throughout the legendary Cricket match so much so that we forget that it’s a fictional story. Aamir Khan looks every inch of the character ‘Bhuvan’ that he plays.

10 movies to watch on republic day

7.Sarfarosh (1999)

Aamir Khan plays a tough cop who is a fan of Pakistan based Ghazal singer Gulfam Hassan played by legendary Nasiruddin Shah. His journey to become an IPS officer from a medical student to become a part of system to rectify it after the killing of his elder brother by terrorist which lead him to cross border investigations and we realises along with him that freedom is not free and the laws are twisted. It’s warms your heart and fills you with sense of responsibility.

10 movies to watch on republic day

6.Airlift (2016)

Akshay Kumar plays a shrewd businessman Ranjit Katyal and Nimrat Kaur plays his aristocratic wife based in Kuwait. What an amazing movie which strengthen our bonds with our country and make us realise our true identity of being Indian beyond any state,caste or religion. It is based on real life incident which shows how India helped the citizens based in Kuwait during Gulf war with the help of businessman Ranjit katyal.

movies to watch on republic day

5. Border (1997)

Your heart fills with pride,then you get teary eyed and at last cry throughout the movie. Yes this JP Dutta master piece still has that effect on us. I mean everytime it plays on TV. The Sunny Deol plays the role of his life and everyone in this movie plays their part perfectly to take you to the battlefields of Longewala where the real battle between 120 Indian soldiers with an entire Pakistani regiments happen and how gloriously they win it. And so we love Indian army so so much!

movies to watch on republic day

4.Purab aur Paschim (1970)

‘Hai preet jaha ki reet sada’ is like our bollywood national anthem which plays every independence day and republic day or any other day which is patriotic day. Manoj Kumar plays ‘Bharat’ who travels to London to study and strives to change the mindset of the people towards India. This one classic movie is a must watch on Republic day.

movies to watch on republic day

3. Rang De Basanti (2006)

Interestingly Rang de basanti when released on republic day 2006 awakened the surge of patriotism among youngsters and showed us the true meaning of being free. The journey of reckless college students, story through the eyes of a non indian, the ruthless death of a Indian air force pilot due to corruption that exist now in Gandhi’s India just not awakened the mass patriotism amongst us but also  it received National award for most popular film. It was subsequently nominated for Best foreign language film at the 2006 BAFTA Awards. Rang De Basanti was chosen as India’s official entry for the Golden Globe Awards and the Academy Awards.

movies to watch on republic day

2.Dangal (2016)

Dangal is another Aamir Khan mega hit which is not the typical of bollywood masala movies and we can also categorise it as sports drama movie. But why I chose it at number 2 position for the bollywood movies to watch on Republic Day 2017 because it surely talks about gender equality with tag line ‘Mahari choriya ckoro se kam hai kya’ which is still prevalent in India inspite of it’s defined constitution which provide equal opportunity to both the genders. Also your heart fills with sheer pride when our choriya beats the foreigners and win the medals fiercely. Dangal: Story of a super Dad who created world champions is basically a real life story of Mahavir Singh Phogat.

movies to be watched on republic day

  1. Samvidhan (2013)

If we truly wants to know the meaning of our constitution and how much blood and sweat our constitution took to be created which provided us the status of an independent republic then this movie made by Shyam Benegal which is basically a mini series available on Youtube is a must watch. Here is the direct video

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